Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Maggie Turns 2!

I can't believe that my baby girl turned 2 this week!  The day she was born is still so fresh on my mind that is hardly seems possible.  She literally grows and changes on a daily bases right before my eyes.  It's so exciting but also happening scary fast!  I swear over the last month or two her vocabulary has just exploded.  It's like we have a whole new little girl.  I almost burst with pride and joy every time I watch her learn something new.  This has got to be the best stage yet!!!

We threw her a little party here in Warwick with some local friends this past Sunday, the day before her actual birthday.  We are also planning to throw another party for family and friends back in the States the weekend we return for a visit.  I know... we are crazy...  We went with a bubble theme because Maggie has a serious obsession with them.  She loses her mind every time bubbles are near and even loves the show Bubble Guppies.

I had ordered a number 2 balloon off the internet.  I waited to open the package until the day before the party and of course they sent the number 5!  Luckily, the nice balloon shop two doors down were able to get creative and turn it upside down.  Ha!  It worked.

The birthday girl checking out her balloons.

I hope these curls never go away.

The closest she has come to holding up two fingers and this was just by accident.  ;)

I LOVED the way her cake turned out.  I had a local lady make it for her, and she did such a great job incorporating the bubble theme. 

A little mini Maggie in her party dress blowing bubbles.  So cute!!

Maggie matching her cake.

The whole birthday gang.
Dan, baby Evie, Amber, Olive, Ryan, Maggie, Jenny, Toby, Jenny's mom, Josh, Jeff, Claire, Ellie, Clint, Kate & London

Group pic with myself in the mix.

Maggie had a mini melt down when it came to singing her the birthday song and blowing out the candles.  Her dang two year molars decided to make their appearance this week with two of the bottom ones popping through.  This made for a cranky toddler but other than this moment she did pretty well all things considered!

She looks terrified!

Daddy had to blow out her candles.  She will get another shot at it next weekend.  :)

After a wonder BBQ meal Ryan made for everyone and cake, we headed outside for some bubble fun.  We were going to go to the local park but it was just a little too cold and a little too close to everyone's nap times to go that far.  

Jenny was a trooper for coming out to the party on her due date!

Sweet Claire.  Maggie LOVES her so much and is always calling her name.

Adorable Olive.  We met her and her family in Maggie's toddler sensory class.

Josh & Toby

I was seriously impressed with Maggie's bubble blowing skills.

Love this chocolate and snot covered face.

I think everyone had a good time.

Bubble beards to end the party.

So glad she had so much fun.

This was the morning of her actual birthday.  I couldn't get a picture in focus because this toddler wouldn't stop moving.

A little photo shoot.  She just looks so old to me know.  Tear.  ;(

I am looking forward to watching her grow and seeing how her sweet little personality continues to develop.

We are working on holding up two fingers.  Ha!

Now for a few stats.
Clothes: She is currently wearing 2T but a lot of them are getting tight or too short.  I think from now on I'm going to start purchasing 4T.  She is wearing size 7-7.5 shoes (American sizes).  She still loves wearing bows and is obsessed with shoes.  She gets so excited every time we put them on.  She is still letting me dress her which is nice.  ;)

Favorite Foods:  Olives, black beans, chips, yogurt, chocolate, humus w/ pita bread.  She likes most veggies, and she will eat fruit but which fruit it is changes everyday.

Favorite Words: Shhh, sure!, come on!, princess, bubbles, sister, help, choo choo

Favorite Activities: Play doh, playing with her princess castle, Doc McStuffin's doctors kit, playing with trains, going to the park to swing and ride the kiddy rides (choo choo train), reading books, bubbles, stickers, coloring, leapfrog laptop, singing, watching disney music videos on the computer, pretend washing in the sink, being chased and tickled, and kissing & hugging her sister.

Not so Favorite things: Spiders (I blame daddy for instilling that fear) and not always being on the go.   If she's ready to go somewhere and we are not, she will melt down at the front door.  We are working on patience with this child, but I have a feeling that may take awhile to learn.

Signature Moves:  Lip syncing, singing "Let it Go", dancing like she is galloping, smoothing her sister with love, running circles around the kitchen island, pointing out everyone's body parts, tries to wear mommy's shoes, and loves to brush her hair.  She still takes a pacifier when she sleeps and can't go without her blanket either.  But she knows that she has to put them in the crib before we leave the room, so she always tossing them over the side of the crib & then going hopping out of the room.  It's so cute to watch.

Monday, March 16, 2015

London's One Month Old

Better get this posted before she turns 2 months old!
 photo 7aa7822c-d051-4a56-8936-538ee196cc75_zpsyklg7zv5.jpg
I thought I would keep these posts the same as I did for Maggie.  That way it would be fun to see how these girls are different or alike!

We were super lucky to have my mom here the week before London was born and the week after.  Then Ryan's mom came for the whole month of February to help out.  I really don't know what I would have done without them.  It was the only way we survived!  Transitioning to two kids is no joke, but oh so worth it.  ;)  I think we are finally getting settled.

London started off smaller than Maggie but she's quickly catching up to what Mag's was at this age.  She is such a sweet baby other than when she has gas pains.  Her favorite thing is to be bounced on the exercise ball.  I remember Maggie having the same issue, and I'm trying to remember when she grew out of it.  

She wakes up twice a night between 1:30-2:30am and 4:30-5:30am.  Then she will wake up again between 7:00-8:00am for another feeding.  Typically after this I can lay her back down to sleep a little longer so that I can get myself and Maggie ready for the day.  I hope that trend continues!  She makes a lot of noise when she sleeps.  Lots of grunting which I think has to do with her gas issues.  

We are headed back to America for a visit next week and when we return I think I'm going to move her to her own room.  It's really close to our bedroom, and I think we all would get more sleep that way.  I'm starting to feel like we are disturbing her too.  We are lucky that she actually likes to sleep on her back and being swaddled.  She also typically goes right back to sleep between feedings unless she spits up.  If spit up happens then I just have to try and burp her some more, and then she'll go back to sleep.  So much different than her sister!

She really likes to lock eyes with you and is starting to watch her big sister.  I love watching their relationship develop.  Maggie LOVES London and asks where "sister" is every morning when I go in to get her.  All she wants to do all day is kiss and huge on her.  I'm afraid to ever leave the room because she may smoother her with love!  Maggie's actually done really well with the transition besides being sick for most of the month.  I think she was just so excited to have a baby around.  We are also starting to see some of those adorable smiles!

Lo feeds about every 2 to 2 and a half hours during the day.  But she only feeds for about 7 minutes and she's done!  We are working on trying to get her to feed longer and stretch out the feedings as well.  We've also struggled because she seems to get choked and can get upset while eating.  Hopefully we can get this all worked out soon.

Her hair has started to fall out in the front, receding hair line.  Ha!  This is also funny to me because Maggie was the exact opposite.  Her hair fell out in the back & sides but the top stayed.

A few things you love: being swaddled, warm baths, sleeping in your rock n' play, being bounced and being in your baby wrap on me

A few things you do not love: changing clothes, your carseat (initially), and gas

I am so amazed at how fast this month has gone by!  Way faster than with your your sister at this age.  I'm scared that it means you will grow up so much faster than Maggie, so I'm really trying to soak up every bit of this baby stage.

Maggie had to jump in for one of the pictures.  :)

I still can't believe that I have TWO little girls!  I really can't believe it.  So so thankful.

Pictures from Lo's first month of life. 

Nana with London

Ickle means little in the UK.

Meme with Lo.

First trip to the city of London.

Papa visited for 10 days.

First holiday, Valentine's Day!