Thursday, January 8, 2015

Halloween & Thanksgiving 2014

Ok, I'm realizing how behind I am on posting big events from this past year.   So... over the next week or two I'm just going to be doing some massive photo dumps so that I can try and get caught up for the most part.  I know once little sister gets here there's no chance that I will do it then!  So get ready for some major picture overloads!!

I decided to get the holidays posted first and then I'll go back to some other major events after that.
First up Halloween!  I went a little overboard with all the outfits I bought for this holiday.  For some reason I just love this day!  It doesn't hurt that Maggie is so fun to dress up.  ;)

I couldn't wait to take Maggie to a pumpkin patch this year.  There are not very many around in England but luckily I found a sweet place not too far from us to visit.  She didn't waste anytime picking out which pumpkins to buy.  She had her daddy loaded up!

Posting just a few more pics of her cute outfits.  ;)

It's getting harder and harder to get this child to sit still, and I'm needing props these days to get a photo that's not completely blurry.

I should probably also mention that my husband turned 32 a couple of days before Halloween.  It seems like our birthday celebrations are getting smaller each year with the addition of kids.  :)

This year Maggie was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

I got her costume second hand from a designer that had made it for one of her girls.

I seriously can't handle the cuteness.

Checking out one of the kitties that come to visit our yard (or should I say garden).

Family pic over at our friends house.

Kate, Ellie, Claire & Clint
They had us over for a little Halloween celebration (since England doesn't quite celebrate it like America does) and to carve up some pumpkins.

Dorothy hanging out with Elsa & Anna.

Getting down to business.

I put her back into her costume for the actual day of Halloween for a few more pics.

Not sure if Dorothy had a cape or not but I love it!

We did go to another little kids party later that day in Birmingham.  These are the friends that we met in Greece!  They were so sweet to include us!  After that, we came home in time for dinner and we did not have a single trick-or-treater.  I think that had more to do with the street we live on.  (We are right in the middle of town.)

The next day we visited Warwick Castle for one last Halloween celebration to check out their decorations.

Maggie is at such a fun age!  She loved being able to run around in the leaves while daddy threw them up in the air.

Between Halloween & Thanksgiving we celebrated England's holiday called Guy Fawkes Night.  Click the link to have this strange holiday explained.  ;)  We just enjoyed it because there were firework displays all over the place.  We were sad to miss out on the 4th of July but this sort of made up for it.  One of Ryan's coworkers had us over to experience this tradition.

Sadly, living in England I couldn't find any Thanksgiving outfits (go figure, ha!).  So this was the next best thing.  It was definitely different spending this holiday here away from family.

We decided to not let that deter us from still cooking up a feast for our little family.  Since Ryan didn't have the day off, so we waited until the weekend to celebrate.

Our growing family!  I look like I already downed an entire turkey.

It was a lot of work for just us but so totally worth it.  We kind of surprised ourselves that we were able to pull it off on our own!

Afterwards we tried to walk off some of the calories and watched the lighting ceremony for Warwick.  They call it the Warwick Victorian Evening where Father Christmas and the Mayor turn on the town's Christmas lights.  Christmas to come on the next post!!


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