Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas 2014

First off, sorry for all the blurry pictures.  These were all taken from my iPhone.  So mad at myself that I didn't break out the nice camera.  Oh well!

I wish I would have gotten more pictures of all the lights strung across the streets because now they are no longer lighting them.  :(  Who knows, we may still be here this time next year for me to get a few more pics.

It's become a tradition to get Maggie a dancing/singing stuffed toy each year.  They are kind of annoying but she LOVES them.  So it's totally worth it. ;)

At her Toddler Sensory Christmas party.  It was fun for Daddy to be able to go for once to see her in action.

Ryan's work had a little party for the younger kids at a fun activity center called Cheeky Chimps.  Santa made another appearance there and gave Maggie her first Peppa the Pig toy.

Since most of our Christmas decorations are in storage back in the states, I decided to try to make a few homemade ornaments this year.  They turned out pretty well besides the fact that I almost burned down the house baking the cinnamon ornaments because I forgot to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius.  Oops!

We were so excited to have Aunt Sally (Ryan's little sister) and Uncle Evan come to visit for Christmas & New Years.  It's so nice to be able to spend so much quality time together that we never got the chance to do back in the states.

What our Christmas Eve night looked like at our house.  I swear there were 754 pieces to put together for Maggie's play kitchen.  It may have taken us a couple of hours but we were watching Christmas Vacation in the background.

The finished product.  Maggie's "big" gift.

Video of Christmas morning.  Side note, she's in this very clingy stage right now as you can tell in the video (she can walk down the stairs on her own now).  Plus I think she wasn't used to so many people watching her first thing in the morning.  Ha!  

It was so fun watching her explore and discover all the hidden gems.

I got this plate for her to set out for Father Christmas and his reindeer, and I totally forgot to use it! Bummer.  I was so excited and even got the mince pie for Santa as a British tradition.  At least Uncle Evan liked to eat the mince pies!

An awesome tractor from Grandpa.  She loved pushing this all over the living room.  

Light up books that play music are Maggie's favs.

It was so fun watching her get into Christmas more this year and even open most of her presents.  I think she eventually got overwhelmed by it all, but she was still loving all her gifts.

Kitchenware from Meme.

Her own Doc McStuffins doctor bag from Nana.

She uses everything as a microphone so we had to get her a "real" one.  It's so cute to watch her sing into it, but mostly she just likes to pretend like she's singing and mouth the words.  So funny!

Our little family straight out of our beds.  Yes, Maggie & I are matching.  I almost got a matching pair for Ryan but decided he wouldn't enjoy it as much.  To my surprise he was sad I didn't them!  You better believe next year the four of us will all be in matching pajamas!

Later that day we had some friends come over for our big Christmas dinner.  The little girls are so sweet together.  Claire & Ellie each took one of Maggie's hands, and they just walked back and forth through the house.  I really think I need at least 3 little girls!

Time for some groups shots in front of the Christmas tree!

Looking a little better than that morning.  ;)

Laughing with Uncle Evan & Aunt Sally.

Clint, Claire, Kate, Ellie, Me, Ryan & Maggie

We were already silly in the above picture so we really went all out for this one.

The tree pretty much came down right after the group pictures.  It had been dead for days, and you could hear the needles dropping all day long.  The boys took it upon themselves to strip all the branches before taking it outside.  So glad we didn't end up having a scene out of Christmas Vacation with this dry tree!  I swear we kept that thing watered!

Proud of their accomplishment.  I told Ryan that next year we have to get a tree straight from a tree farm verses a cheap one from the store.  Lesson learned.


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