Sunday, December 21, 2014

Maggie's Christmas List

I can't believe Christmas is just a few days away!  We still have a few gifts to send off but we are pretty much done.  Ryan's sister and her husband just got into town so we have lots of fun things in store over the next few weeks.  Though, we are taking the time to do lots of holiday cooking and baking.

Maggie's Christmas List

I wanted to share some of the gifts we got for Maggie this year because I want to remember what she was interested in at this age.  Anytime she is around another kid's play kitchen, she is completely glued to it.  So I knew right off the bat that her "big" gift would have to be a play kitchen.  We also got her some pots & pans, play food and Meme got her some dish ware.  I was also looking for a nativity set that Maggie could play with, and I found the one above.  We gave it took her early and sat it under the tree.  She LOVES it.  Anything to do with little people, she's obsessed with.  She also currently loves the show Doc McStuffins and singing into anything that resembles a microphone.  So those were obvious gifts for me.  I also saw the book above where the story is personalized to your child's name.  I thought that was so cute, especially since we are still trying to get Maggie to say her name!!  :)


  1. Madi's getting the Little People nativity set and a kitchen too! So fun!! I love the other suggestions you have too. Merry Christmas from just across the pond. ;-)


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