Sunday, December 21, 2014

Maggie's Christmas List

I can't believe Christmas is just a few days away!  We still have a few gifts to send off but we are pretty much done.  Ryan's sister and her husband just got into town so we have lots of fun things in store over the next few weeks.  Though, we are taking the time to do lots of holiday cooking and baking.

Maggie's Christmas List

I wanted to share some of the gifts we got for Maggie this year because I want to remember what she was interested in at this age.  Anytime she is around another kid's play kitchen, she is completely glued to it.  So I knew right off the bat that her "big" gift would have to be a play kitchen.  We also got her some pots & pans, play food and Meme got her some dish ware.  I was also looking for a nativity set that Maggie could play with, and I found the one above.  We gave it took her early and sat it under the tree.  She LOVES it.  Anything to do with little people, she's obsessed with.  She also currently loves the show Doc McStuffins and singing into anything that resembles a microphone.  So those were obvious gifts for me.  I also saw the book above where the story is personalized to your child's name.  I thought that was so cute, especially since we are still trying to get Maggie to say her name!!  :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Card 2014

I can't believe that Christmas is just a week away!  Where did the time go??  We are getting ready for Ryan's little sister, Sally, and her husband to come visit us this weekend for a few weeks.  It's definitely hard living so far away from family during the holiday season.  So I am very thankful they are coming!  Plus, with me being so large these days, I couldn't really travel anywhere.  ;)

I really enjoy giving and receiving Christmas cards every year.  I debated what we should do this year since we are living in England, and I wasn't sure how we were going to get all our cards out from here (without spending an arm & a leg).  Luckily, my mom is an angel and helped us out.  I was able to order them through and have them mailed to my mom.  She then stuffed them and mailed them out for me.  This year I had the addresses printed on the envelops so it would be less of a hassle for my mom.

I saw this design on and thought it would be perfect for our situation!  It's supposed to look like a little travel tag.  I think they turned out so cute! 

The picture on the top left is from when we revealed we were having another girl.  The one of the top right is from our trip to Greece, and the bottom one was from my maternity photoshoot.

Can't wait to see everybody else's cards!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Maggie Meets Father Christmas

I'm trying to get back into blogging again!  Ever since I got into instagram I've kind of neglected this little space.  I have a lot to catch up on but thought I would start with a sweet little outing we had last weekend to see Santa Father Christmas.

I had a hard time trying to locate a Santa near us to get a photo taken with Maggie.  Apparently, he goes by Father Christmas here, and he comes to visit kids in his Grotto.  That sounded a little creepy to me!  I had never heard of Father Christmas' Grotto before.  I'm still not exactly sure what that is.  Well, we figured we'd give it a go. (Look at me using British lingo!)  There is this really cute town near by called Hatton that has an adorable shopping village and adventure world for kids.  I found out that Father Christmas would be there so we booked our tickets and headed out.
That day ended up being the coldest weather we've had so far this season.  I think it was a high of 40 degrees.

Despite the look on her face, she insisted on stopping here first before heading to the Grotto.

Once we peeled her off the cow we were able to distract her with some real live reindeer.

She was just a little scared of them.  I mean it was the first time she's ever met one.  ;)

Just from that experience I should have known how meeting Father Christmas would go...

Luckily, we got there early enough that there wasn't too much of a line.  Everything was really dark inside so that the Christmas lights would show up, which made it hard to get good pictures.  Maggie seemed to enjoy all the decorations while waiting in line.

Waiting in line with a toddler who has little to no patience can be a challenge, but we made it out alive.

When it was our turn we walked into a really dark room (so creepy!) to meet Father Christmas.  This was definitely something I've never experienced before!  We were in charge of taking our own pictures which was fine with me so I didn't have to pay a crazy amount of money for one photo.  But it was a challenge to get a good photo with it being pretty much pitch black.  Maggie started off a little hesitant in mommy's arms.

So we tried to the "rip the bandaid off" approach and chucked her into Father Christmas' arms.  That didn't go over so well...  Hopefully next year she will understand what's going on a little better, and I can prepare her ahead of time.  ;)

He was super sweet and kept saying "oh bless her" (another British saying).  This "Santa" gave out golden keys for her to go pick out a special toy from his workshop.  I thought that was pretty clever and the shop actually had quite a few toys to pick from.  Maggie ultimately decided on a baby doll (of course) that you can bathe in it's own tub.

Afterwards, we decided to check out the rest of Hatton's Adventure World and meet some more animals.

Over all it was a great experience.  It did go over a little better last year though.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing Maggie meet Santa again next year when she's a little older, and she will have her baby sister with her.  :)

This was Maggie's picture from last year.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

32 Weeks Pregnant

I'm a week late posting this update.  Better late than never!
32 weeks 2 days
(Sorry about the bad lighting!)

32 Weeks photo 32Weeks_zps9bd085e7.jpg
Last time when I was pregnant with Maggie.

How far along: 32 weeks

Size of Baby: 16.7 in & 3.75 lb

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Large Jicama

Total weight gain: 8 pounds (Last time at this week I had gained 23 pounds!  I attribute the less weight to chasing a toddler around, not sitting at a desk all day, not having access to my American junk food, and I'm still getting sick from time to time.)

Sleep: Is not so great.  I get up at least 2 to 3 times a night to use the loo, and every time I reposition I usually have to pop a tums because my heartburn will kick in.  Luckily, all I've had to take are tums so far to keep it in check.  Over the last month my left hip has been bothering me off and on (like last pregnancy).  I finally broke down and took some Tylenol (Paracetamol here) a few weeks back and magically I haven't had to take it again!  Hopefully that was the end of that!  Also, I feel like my mind is always racing so I have a hard time settling down and falling asleep.

Movement: This little lady definitely moves way more than Maggie ever did.  She is getting more cramped in there so her movements aren't as big as they were last month.  But she definitely knows how to throw a party in my belly!

Unglamorous body changes: Still getting out of breath easily.  I've also noticed after walking a short distance (like from the couch to the restroom) my leg muscles will burn like I just walked up several flights of stairs!  So strange!  It's definitely getting harder to bend over and pick up Maggie's toys.  Luckily, the swelling hasn't kicked in yet.  I know I had already started swelling at this point last pregnancy (as you can tell from the picture above).

What I miss: Getting around easily!

Best moment this month: Seeing our little girl on a 3D ultrasound.  We had to go twice because the first time she was breech and had her hand over her face.  The second time she was head down (ya!) so we could see her a little better.  She was already pretty low so one part of her face was smooched by my uterus and the other side was smooched by my placenta.  But we did get a couple of good looks and from what I can tell she totally looks like her sister.  She definitely showed off her pouty lips!  
Earlier in my pregnancy they noticed my placenta was a little too low but at this last ultrasound it looks like we are in the clear!  Woo hoo!  Finding out she was head down was great but now we just need her to spin from posterior to anterior.  :)  
We have a name!  But we are keeping it under wraps until she's born.  It will be a fun surprise!

Looking forward to: All the Christmas activities and getting all the last minute things before baby sister arrives.  We are also super excited for Ryan's little sister, Sally, and her husband, Evan, to visit us over Christmas & New Years.  

We are in the home stretch!