Thursday, September 18, 2014

We are having...


We are so so excited that Maggie will have a sister so close in age to her (22 months).  I always wanted a sister.  I just think it's so magical when sisters are best friends, and that is what I hope and pray for them.  I know there will be the cat fights, but I also know their relationship will be so special.  Plus, I am so excited I get to reuse all my super cute girl clothes!!  AND, I have even more of an excuse to purchase adorable girly items because they will be used twice!  ;)  We would have totally been happy with a boy, but Ryan just seems like he should be a dad to a bunch of girls.  Ha!

We found out at 16 weeks that we were have another girl but it was reconfirmed at my 20 week ultrasound.
This was our first attempt at our gender reveal photo.  We tried to blow a bubble with gum but it definitely did not workout the way I thought.  Especially because Ryan can't blow a bubble to save his life.  Hahaha!

These were just some cute outtakes of Maggie playing with the balloons.

Our shirts are from the Charlie Hustle Shop.

Baby girl at 16 weeks.

21 weeks

21 weeks

Praise the Lord that she seemed perfectly healthy as far as they could tell.  The only thing they noticed was that my placenta was a little low, so the scheduled another ultrasound around 34 weeks just to make sure it didn't grow any lower.  I've read that it tends to grow upwards so I think we should be fine.  :)


  1. Haha, the announcement reveal pics are so cute! I am so excited to see you become a mom of two precious blessed!

  2. Loved those photos when you posted on IG a couple weeks ago. Such a cute gender reveal!

  3. This is just the cutest announcement! I'm so excited for you and your precious family. I have a younger sister and she is my best friend! I get a little sad that Claire won't ever have a sister, but I quickly get over it- haha! I would be a hot mess with a 3rd :) Congrats!!

  4. Those pics are so cute. Congratulations! Our oldest 2 lack 11 days of being 2 years apart. Loving having them close together. Maggie is absolutely adorable!


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