Thursday, September 25, 2014

Maggie 18 Months

Tomorrow we leave for the States to visit family and friends for a few weeks.  We figured this would be the best time to do it before I get too large and in charge.  ;)  Our house is pretty much all packed up as we are moving into a new house when we get back from our "holiday" to America.  We are moving because the construction is pretty bad (because of the fire) and the need for a 4th bedroom (expanding family).

In the midst of all the chaos, our little girl turned 18 months old!  I can hardly believe that she has now lived half her life in America and half in England.  It really has flown by.

It's been awhile since I've done a monthly update, and she has changed so much over the last few months.  Her spunky and silly personality always makes us laugh.  She is gaining more independence, becoming more curious and surprises us with how smart she is on a daily basis.  And the tantrums have started...

Age: 18 Months
Clothes: Wearing mostly 18-24 and some 2T.  She still lets me dress her in whatever I want.  I'm just waiting for the day when she starts to have an opinion of her own...  Hopefully not for a long time!  She is wearing size 5 shoes (I think).  I need to get her remeasured while we are in the States.  The sizing here is different than in America.  She actually loves to put bows in her hair.  She is always trying to place them on top of her head, and she will hold still for me when I'm trying to put one in.  I hear that's pretty rare.  So I guess we got lucky with her!

Favorite Foods:  I feel like this changes on a daily basis.  For example, one day she will love cheese and strawberries and the next day she wants nothing to do with them.  That pretty much goes for anything except, she will always go for yogurt, humus w/ pita bread, chips and she actually likes to eat steamed veggies!  She's definitely becoming more curious with everything we are eating.  So we have to be more careful if we are eating something around her that isn't the healthiest.  I guess it's time we save our snacks for after she goes to bed. ;)

Favorite Words:  Animal sounds, uh-oh, buh-bye, "nana" (banana), what's that, three (we always say 1-2-3!!! when we are throwing her so she goes straight for "three!!"), wee, whoa, thank you, boo, yalalala (belly button), ball, bubble, baby, "tickle, tickle" and "let's go!".

Favorite Activities:  She is really getting into drawing (on anything).  She loves markers on the white board, chalk, crayons and painting with water (Melissa & Doug's Water Wow or Aquadoodle.  If she sees that I have a pen in my hand making notes on something, she has to grab it out of my hand and find the nearest piece of paper to draw on.  This can create a problem as you can imagine.  She loves her Magna Doodle and Crayola My First Touch Lights.
She absolutely loves to play outside especially swinging on a swing.  She's been known to throw a tantrum or two if we try to get her out of a swing too soon.  Loves to play in her teepee, read books, dance & sing.  She has really gotten into "jumping" lately as well.  She likes to "help" mommy put away things or pull the laundry out of the washing machine.  And unfortunately, this girl loves her TV shows.  I usually only allow her to watch a show in the in evenings before Ryan gets home, and I'm trying to cook.  But all day long, she is bringing me the remote controls because she wants me to turn on the TV.  The little stinker has even figured out how to turn the TV on from the back but luckily still hasn't figured out how to turn on the cable box.  Whew.

Favorite Things:  She loves her baby dolls, pink monkey and stuffed bear.  She also LOVES her pottery barn kids chair.  She is always diving into it and climbing all over it.  Right now she is really into throwing balls as well and anything that plays music.  She really likes anything with a good beat.  :)  Another signature Maggie toy is her pull behind alligator.  She is always dragging that loud, clanky thing all over the house, but it's so cute I don't care!

Signature Moves:  Dancing, singing and running around in circles.  She likes to give kisses and randomly give out some hugs.  She will even kiss characters in books and inanimate objects.  Ha!  Smelling flowers (even if they are drawings in a book) is another fav.  She's also really into pointing out body parts.  She especially loves yelling "eyes!" and then poking your eye out immediately afterwards.  My heart about melts every time she tries to put on Ryan or I's shoes.  This girl loves her footwear.  Last but not least, she loves to try and swipe mommy's makeup when she's getting ready.  She loves to pretend like she's putting on makeup herself.  It is the cutest thing!

First kiddy ride!

Other Milestones:  She is really working on trying to use a fork and spoon.  It's pretty cute watching her try and balance a piece of food on a spoon and then trying to get it to her mouth.  When my friend watched her the other day for me over lunch, she mention how she sat at the little kids table and ate her lunch.  I couldn't believe that she sat still for that long to eat at a little table!  She's pretty obsessed with sitting on little kid's chairs so I should have known.

Playing peek-a-boo with a random boy at the park.

I can finally put her hair back into a ponytail!  She looks so much older!

I can't get enough.

This has definitely been my favorite age by far.  Her personality is really shining and sense of humor is blossoming.  Even though the tantrums have started, this has still been such a fun age.  I'm starting to do more research on the whole disciplining thing.  I feel like there is only so much I can do at this age because I don't think she fully understands still.  But, I do think we will be there in a few short months.  Eeek. 

I don't have her stats quite yet but she is going to see a doctor in the States on Monday so I will come back here and post them when I get them.  She is definitely getting pretty heavy for me to carry, especially with a growing belly!

Wish us luck on our long flight home tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nana's Trip to England - Part 3

Ok, so I am finally finishing up the posts on my mom's trip to England!  I thought it was about time since there have been other visitors, trips, and we are now about to leave for a trip to America.  ;)

On the last leg of Nana's whirl wind tour of the UK, we spent a few days in London.  I seriously think this is my favorite city in the world.
Nana & I

Another shot of Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and River Thames.

This my mom's first time to London and our first time riding the London Eye.

Nana, Maggie, Ryan & I

Maggie had a blast socializing with everyone riding in our compartment.

Giant Blue Rooster in Trafalgar Square.  We were trying to partition The City Girl Farm gals to use this fellow as their inspiration to make their next chicken.  :)

Maggie, Nana & Ryan in front of the Tower of London.

Little did we know that the weekend we were visiting London was the Trooping of the Colour.  That means it was the weekend they celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday (even though it wasn't her actual birthday).  We just happened upon the celebration and joined the crowds of people trying to get a picture.  This pic is blurry because it was so zoomed in.  Once they are done there, they parade down a street called The Mall to Buckingham Palace to finish the big celebration.

I got a snap shot of Camilla, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry.  We actually saw them the day before randomly driving past us with Prince William!!

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (super zoomed in)

Maggie absolutely loved watching the parade.  I think her favorite part was watching all the horses.
Here is a short video of some of the action which includes seeing the Queen, and Maggie's reaction to her (about half way through).

That night my mom was sweet enough to let Ryan & I out for a date night on the town.  I've been dying to see the musical Wicked for awhile, and Ryan surprised me with tickets!

The show did not disappoint!  I would definitely see it again.

I'm pretty sure Nana & Maggie were having a grand old time back at the hotel.  They kind of love each other. :)

On a side note, the last day we were there I lost my wallet somewhere in London.  I didn't realize it until several hours later, which at that point I knew it was gone forever.  I was pretty devastated because it had my whole life in it, and I was kicking myself for carrying around so much valuable information!!  It kind of put a damper on the weekend for me.  After a last ditch effort to try and find it, we called it quits and headed back to the hotel.  Low and behold, I realized my cell phone had turned off because the battery was dying.  I decided to try and turn it on, at which point I saw I missed a bunch of phone calls and voicemails!!  My phone's battery lasted long enough for me to get the message that a taxi cab driver found my wallet and write down his number!!  Miracle I tell you!!! This sweet, sweet man drove all the way to our hotel to return my untouched wallet with everything still in it!! He said he found it on the side of a curb.  I must have dropped it getting out of another taxi earlier that day!!  Needless to say, this man got a big tip from us!!!

The next day we headed out to explore Stonehenge since it was sort of on the way to Bath, England.  Unfortunately, Maggie came down with a pretty nasty virus that day so it was just a quick trip here, and we had to skip Bath to head home.

I'm glad we were able to see this place since it's kind of in the middle of no where.

Listening to the commentary was pretty fascinating but basically experts still don't know why it was built or what it is exactly.  Ha!

I just can't believe how old it is!!

Well that pretty much sums up my mom's trip!  She is coming back in January to help out once our second baby girl is born.  Looking forward to that!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We are having...


We are so so excited that Maggie will have a sister so close in age to her (22 months).  I always wanted a sister.  I just think it's so magical when sisters are best friends, and that is what I hope and pray for them.  I know there will be the cat fights, but I also know their relationship will be so special.  Plus, I am so excited I get to reuse all my super cute girl clothes!!  AND, I have even more of an excuse to purchase adorable girly items because they will be used twice!  ;)  We would have totally been happy with a boy, but Ryan just seems like he should be a dad to a bunch of girls.  Ha!

We found out at 16 weeks that we were have another girl but it was reconfirmed at my 20 week ultrasound.
This was our first attempt at our gender reveal photo.  We tried to blow a bubble with gum but it definitely did not workout the way I thought.  Especially because Ryan can't blow a bubble to save his life.  Hahaha!

These were just some cute outtakes of Maggie playing with the balloons.

Our shirts are from the Charlie Hustle Shop.

Baby girl at 16 weeks.

21 weeks

21 weeks

Praise the Lord that she seemed perfectly healthy as far as they could tell.  The only thing they noticed was that my placenta was a little low, so the scheduled another ultrasound around 34 weeks just to make sure it didn't grow any lower.  I've read that it tends to grow upwards so I think we should be fine.  :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

21 Weeks Pregnant

Of course I'm behind again!  I'm 21 weeks and 5 days now.  :)
Photo taken at 21 weeks and 2 days.

21 Weeks photo 21Weeks.jpg
When I was pregnant with Maggie.

How far along: 21 weeks

Size of Baby: 10.5 inches from head to heel & 12.7 oz

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Carrot

Total weight gain: Still down a pound from my pre pregnancy weight.  This time around I've definitely felt sick.  Even last week I actually got sick a couple of times.  But I do feel my appetite maybe coming back!

Sleep: Pretty good.  I can feel the heartburn coming back when I sleep.  I keep a bottle of fruity tums next to my bed and purchased this amazing pregnancy pillow set which seems to really help.

Movement: This baby is a mover and a shaker!  Ryan started to feel the baby move around 18 weeks, and I'm already feeling jabs in my sides and upper ribs!

Unglamorous body changes: I'm already starting to feel Braxton Hicks contractions.  At first I was confused with what I was feeling and then the memories came back.  Ha!  It's such a weird sensation!

Maternity Clothes? Yep!  Still getting away with non maternity tops.

Showing: I think I'm a little larger this pregnancy in the belly but my right side is bigger than the left like last time!

What I miss: Not having the stretching pain in my belly every time I sneeze or get up too quickly.  ;)

Best moment this week: Two of my best friends gave birth to their babies this week!  

Looking forward to: Traveling home to the States to see family & friends and meeting my friend's sweet babies!  We are still trying to nail down our baby's name too!

We announced a few weeks ago what the sex of our baby was on Facebook and Instagram, but I'll do a formal post on here later this week.  Stay tuned!! :)