Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nana Visits England

So I figured I should finally post about my mom's trip to England before Ryan's mom, Susan, gets here tomorrow!  I mean it's only been about two months since she visited!  Ooops!

She arrived May 31st (which is the reason we are still in jackets!).  We immediately showed her around Leamington Spa and took her to our favorite park.

Maggie loves watching the birds.

This was also the day we told her that she was going to be a Nana for the second time.  ;)

Ryan & I had been wanting to eat at this local restaurant that you could walk through a field to get to. It's been so fun discovering these little gems in England.  It was fun checking out new places with my mom.

It's a nice pub (The Saxon Mill) that sits along the river that used to be an old mill.  It's so quaint and in the prettiest setting.

We also took Nana to the Cotswolds.  It's an area of England that is known for it's charming, quaint towns, rich history and rolling hills.  This is the Saxon tower built in 1794 located in Broadway.

Beautiful views.

Had to visit our favorite Tea Room for Nana's first official English tea.

And of course our favorite local pub.

We explored the castle ruins in Kenilworth that is just up the road from us.  (I swear there is a castle every few miles here! Ha!)

Took Nana to Maggie's Monkey Music class and Toddler Sensory.

And of course had to show her our favorite castle of all, Warwick Castle!!  This is where I hauled Maggie up a million tiny stairs to the top of the tower.  Whew!

Then we took a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon which is about 10 minutes from us to show Nana the birthplace and resting place of Shakespeare.  Maggie & I are sitting in front of the church where he is buried.

Stratford is still one of my favorite towns.  We always love visiting there.

Can you tell we jam-packed Nana's trip the whole time she was here??  This was the first time she had ever been to England (or the UK) so I felt it was my duty to try and fit everything in.  ;)  I still have so much to share from her time here.  Stay tuned!

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