Monday, June 23, 2014

Life in England

Hello!  We are still here!  Sorry for not posting in awhile.  My mom came in town for two weeks and then Maggie was sick for a week so I've been out of the blogging scene for a bit.

Well, we've now been in England now for about 6 months and have started to feel more settled.  It really has been crazy how fast the time has gone, but it has really helped having so many visitors to break up the months.  I think that has really fought off homesickness for us, but there are definitely days that are hard.  So far we are really loving it here.  There is so much to explore and learn.  The hardest part are all the rainy days!  Plus, I kind of miss my hot summery days. ;)  It's pretty rare for the temp to get above 75 degrees.  We definitely take advantage whenever the weather is nice though!
Paddle boating in a park in Warwick.

Maggie wasn't quite sure what to make of it.

Warwick Castle in the background.

This girl loves her ice-cream even though it gives her a brain freeze every time!

A park in Royal Leamington Spa with a wadding pool.

Maggie & I have settle into a pretty good routine of getting out of the house everyday.  We either have one of Maggie's classes (Monkey Music or Toddler Sensory) or it's a gym day.  There are also several trips to the grocery store scattered through our week as well.  Everything spoils here so much quicker so we can't stock up as much as I would like to.  I have cut down on the time I spend in the grocery store trying to figure out what their version is of something we used back home and where they keep it on their shelves.  I still google things almost every week.  Now that's it's been a few months I'm definitely craving a few random things that we can't get here like pudding, cherry pie filling, fountain drinks, cool whip, ready made cookie dough, donuts, Jiffy corn bread and any good Mexican food.  Pretty much all the bad stuff.  Ha!  I definitely miss just going to the store and getting what I want.  Here I have to figure out what the equivalent is if there is any.  The English are not known for how great their food tastes but it is a lot healthier.  Oh and I miss frozen yogurt!!  Ok, I'll stop now. :)

Maggie has been doing really well.  Growing like and weed and sprouting teeth like it's her job.  She started walking towards the end of 13 months and now crawling is no longer an option.  All day long she just walks around the rooms usually toting a book along with her.

She pretty good at getting into things and loves creating messes for momma to clean up. ;)

I'm always amazed at her confidence and openness.  She is obsessed with babies and other little kids.  If there are any near by she has to be with them and tries to plays.  She can spot a kid a mile away.  It really is the sweetest thing.

Knowing that our time here is short, we have been trying to get out most weekends and see as much as we can.  This leaves us pretty tired but with lots of memories.

There is just so much history here.  All of England could fit into the state of Louisiana but there is no way we are going to be able to cover it all (as much as we would like to).

Kensington Palace

We are so lucky to have some good friends here with us even though they live about an hour and a half away.  We make it a priority to see each other as much as we can.

London Zoo

Maggie's at such a fun age and really enjoyed this visit to the zoo.

Last but not least, Maggie hanging out with her good friends Claire and Ellie.  We are beyond lucky to have this family move from Oklahoma to England with us at the same time.  They have really helped us not feel so along in this experience.  It can definitely get a little lonely around here.  I just try and remind myself that this is a once in a life time opportunity and to make the best of it.  We want to take full advantage of being over here while we can.  Who knows when we will ever make the trip back.  All and all, it's been pretty great and have been enjoying our time.  If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you can see that I am pretty good about posting our daily adventures on there.  I will try and get better about recording them here too.  I don't want to forget these memories!