Friday, April 25, 2014

Maggie's 1 Year Photos

 I went a bit overboard with all the photos I uploaded to this post.  It took about two hours for my slow broadband to download them!  But they were just too cute to not share.  ;)  

I was a little late getting Maggie's photo shoot setup for her 1st birthday.  It seems that most people have it done about a month before they turn one.  I had them done a couple weeks after her birthday.  Oh well!  I was really happy how they turned out.  I thought about doing an outside shoot but was nervous about the "always rainy" weather here in England.  Our photographer was the sweetest lady! I have to give her so much credit dealing with our teething baby (9 teeth!).  We had to leave and come back.  Plus, we had to kick daddy out at one point because she gets even fussier when he's around.  All she wants to do is be in her arms.  I don't blame her!  ;)  The photographer definitely worked for her money.  Ha!  Luckily, she was able to capture some great shots that show Maggie's little personality.

I could die over this one.

The blocks were a nice distraction.  She kept wanting to crawl out of the shot.

I made a second smash cake from scratch for this.  It didn't turn out as cute as the first one but it did the job.

Another favorite.

So so happy with these!  

All photos are credit of Maria Kruger Photography.


  1. These are adorable!! Gosh she is such a pretty baby, and the ones with all three of you are gorgeous as well!

  2. She is just perfection! Such adorable pics!!

  3. These are beyond adorable! They turned out great!

  4. LOVE all the pink and gold (and the cakes looks great to me)! Maggie is so beautiful!

  5. LOVE all the pics!!! They turned out great!


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