Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our First Visitors!

Well, here is another photo dump post!  I'm getting pretty good at doing that.  The last couple of weeks have been filled with family and adventure.  Ryan's parents made the long journey across the pond to visit us and fill our tanks.  Maggie was pretty thrilled to have them here in person rather than just seeing them on the computer.  She just couldn't get enough of them.  It was pretty sweet.

They weren't here as long as we would of liked but definitely took advantage of it.  We showed them all around our town and neighboring ones, as well as, road tripping it to Bristol, Bath and London.  I, of course, took too many pictures so I have to split it up into two posts.  Our first road trip was to Bristol and Bath.  They are right next to each other.  All we did in Bristol was drive over their famous bridge and stopped to have a quick bit to eat.  Ryan convinced us to eat at Mission Burrito because he was deprived of Mexican food.  It was definitely not the same as it is in America.  Oh well, at least Maggie got a sweet balloon that she kept a kung fu grip on.

Maggie with her doting Grandparents.

We also did a little bit of shopping on the streets of Bristol. (Couldn't help it.)

We were obviously having a little too much fun taking pictures.

Especially while Maggie was smacking everybody with her precious balloon.

After all that fun, we drove into Bath to check out the sights.  Our first stop was at the Roman Baths.  It was under a bit of restoration but you get the idea.

Bath Abbey an Anglican parish church right next door.  This definitely had me reminiscing our trip to Italy a few years back.

Kiss attacked on Maggie in front of the church.

The Roman Bath experience was definitely fascinating.

We really could have spent most of our day here.

Ryan was glad there was an audio tour so he didn't have to read all the plaques.  ;)

Maggie enjoyed "talking" on her "phone" too.

The water source is the only hot spring in all of England, and they still use the water channels the Romans built from all the way back in the 1800's.

You can see the steam rising off the water.

Checking the water temp.

Susan enjoying the view of Bath Abbey from the Roman Baths.  There was definitely a lot to see here.

Afterwards, we ventured over to Bath Abbey to peek inside.  Can you imagine if this was your church you went to every Sunday??

We then walked to the famous Pulteney Bridge that crosses the Avon river.  This is one of only four bridges in the world that has shops across it on both sides.

Still a cute pic even if Harlan has his eyes closed (normally it's Susan that does that!).  Ha!

Right after we explored the bridge Maggie finally fell asleep, so we just kept on walking.

We ventured over to an area called The Circus.  There are three buildings divided into three segments of equal length to form a ginormous circle of town houses.  I hear it cost quite the pretty penny (or pence) to live here…

Even after that fun and exhausting road trip, the next day we went into our little town of Warwick to show the Grandparents the castle.  We couldn't pass up a day of sunshine.  Days like these are precious commodities.  ;)

I've been dying to climb the largest castle tower to take pictures of the surrounding areas on a nice sunny day, and I finally got my chance!

So beautiful it looks fake!

Breath taking...

Part of the large castle grounds.

Love this one of my little explorer and her daddy.

The sweetest.  The boys were definitely tired after taking turns hauling Maggie up and down the tour's narrow stairs.  Hehehe...

The Avon river passes behind the castle.

Definitely have plans to go boating on this in the summer time.

After a long day of touring the castle, we let Maggie down to play on the grass.  Which of course made for some adorable pictures.

Definitely coming back here several times in the future to have her stand at this tree to see how much she's grown.

This girl loves her nature.

We had the best time with these two.  More to come on the next post!


  1. Can we just talk about how adorable your baby girl is? I LOVE that idea of using the tree as her measuring stick, she is growing like a weed!

  2. These are fantastic photos! I especially love all the candid laughing shots - and of course the scenery.


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