Monday, March 17, 2014

More Adventures with the Family

Along with our road trips, we also checked out some of our surrounding towns.
This is the Farmer's Market in Warwick.

Antique shopping in a town called Hatton.

We also had to spend a little time at home so we didn't throw Maggie completely off her schedule.

Tackling (her new favorite game) Grandpa.

We were still able to attend Maggie's music and baby sensory classes.

It was fun to watch her with her Grandparents.

We explored and shopped in Startford-Upon-Avon home of William Shakespeare.

The park and walking trail around the Avon river was so gorgeous.  After that I tried to convince Ryan that we should move there.  Ha!

Harlan had to leave early to get back to the farm but Susan was able to stay a few more days with us.  We decided to take a weekend trip to London.  This was the first time that I've been!  And of course, I totally forgot to bring my nice camera!  Thank goodness for iPhones!
We got a hotel right next to Hyde park.  It was the perfect place to walk from to go exploring.

The gate in front of Buckingham Palace.

It's kind of disappointing that the grounds directly around the Palace are so boring.  Definitely in need of some landscaping!

Maggie in front of the Queen Victoria Memorial.

In St. Jame's Park.

My loves in front of Big Ben.

Westminster Abbey

We spent a lot of time in Hyde Park because this little one loves to people watch and explore the outdoors.

And point at all the doggies.

It was the most gorgeous weather.  Apparently we were not the only ones wanting a little breath of fresh air.

The sunsetting on Hyde park.


The next day we did more exploring but mostly shopping. ;)

Had to get the famous picture!

Had my first taste of the Liberty Fabric store.  (Thanks Susan!)

Maggie had a blast and did so well with all the traveling and sight seeing.  Hopefully that trend continues because we have a lot more traveling to do!!

We miss Harlan & Susan already but we are lucky to have Ryan's older sister, Emily, and her husband, Sean, coming to visit us today!!

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  1. I am so jealous of the adventures you are in with your family right now. These are going to make the best memories to look back on. And I am also in love with Maggie's playroom. I wish I had a teepee as a child


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