Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh Hello!

Time to catch up!  I've been offline for a little bit because my power cord broke on my laptop, then we moved, then it took a little while for our internet to be setup at the house, and then we've just been getting settled!  I am hopefully back on track now.  So I'm just going to dump some photos from this past month or so to get back to present time.  :)

While were were still living in our temporary flat in Warwick, Maggie & I did a lot of walking and exploring.
One of the entrances to the castle.  We've purchased a yearly family pass here.  So we will be back a lot!

View of the castle on one of our walks.  I'm so excited to see how gorgeous it will look in the spring & summer when everything is blooming!

The church in the center of town that is the tallest structure.

Mag's & I walking to the castle.

We are lucky enough to have our good friends, Cait & Josh, visit us a couple of times now.

We are also extremely blessed to have another family, from back in Bartlesville, move to Warwick at the same time as us.  So we've definitely been spending a lot of time with them.

Oh… and I've been doing a tad bit of shopping… Mostly for Maggie of course.  ;)

We visited Coventry (a neighboring town) to hit up the ginormous IKEA.

Took several walks around the Warwick racecourse.  

Moved into our new home!!!

I will definitely be posting all about this place soon.  It's worthy of it's own post.

LOVE the British house keys here.

Getting used to a smaller washing machine that is also a dryer…  Maggie tries to be "helpful".

We live on some gorgeous grounds that I will also be posting about along with the house soon!

We have been celebrating February with lots of love (and Valentine outfits).

Also, have been a little home sick.  Just click those ruby red slippers Mags!

Cait, Maggie & I explored Nottingham one day.  You know you're a good friend when you share the "load". ;)

Maggie has been so amazing with all the exploring and being in new places.  Ever since we moved into our house, she has been sleeping through the night again.  Holla!  We've also been to Stratford Upon Avon where Shakespeare was born.

Maggie's new playroom has been setup.

I finally joined a gym that has a nursery.  This was the first time I dropped her off.  I've never left her with anyone beside my mom or MIL, so this was a HUGE deal for me.  Luckily, I'm in the same building, and Maggie LOVES it.  She gets so excited every time we go there now, and the ladies that work there are so sweet.  

Last pic.  Had to include this of my little Valentine.


  1. I love reading about your life in England! So neat! Love Maggie's pigtails!!

  2. I am so in love with your house, it looks like a fairy tale. Keep the pictures coming, I have to live vicariously through you for a while. =)

  3. Maggie is just so crazy cute! I am starting to think she looks more like you!

  4. These pictures are just amazing and it looks like you guys are settling right in and having a wonderful time! How does ryan like his new job?


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