Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maggie Goes to England!

Sorry for the delayed post!  We arrived in England this past Saturday and have not stopped to take a breath since.  These last few days have been such a range of emotions from excitement, homesickness, fear, ready for anything and exhausted.  But we are here and everyday we are becoming more familiar with our surroundings and feeling ourselves relax.  (Sigh.)

Thank the good Lord above (and everyone who sent up prayers for us!) our trip to England was probably the smoothest trip I can remember, if you can believe that!  We had to fly to San Francisco first because of all the bad weather on the east coast which made our flying time quite a bit longer (making me nervous).  The flight to San Fran was about 4 hours and Maggie only slept about 40 minutes of it but did pretty well being entertained by all the people on the flight and the tray table helped.  I'm really glad we did an over night flight to England as that was a 10 hour flight. and Maggie pretty much slept the whole time.  She was just awake at the very beginning and then a little bit before we landed.  The plane provided a pretty good white noise which really helped.  We even got to watch a whole movie while she slept!  Everybody on the plane kept complimenting us on how well our child did.  I bet they were grateful.  Ha! The only thing I wish we did differently was not bring so much luggage (checked & carryon).  We didn't have much of a choice on this flight but from now on I'm packing light!  Once we managed to get our 6  (50-70 lbs) checked bags, a stroller (bagged), pack & play, carseat and 6 carryon luggage into the largest van we could rent, the nerves kicked in as Ryan tried to navigate driving on the left hand side of the road in the dark, while it was raining and not knowing where to go!!  Luckily, we made it to our teeny, tiny flat (so British!) with no issues.  Maggie even slept pretty well that night because she was so exhausted.

Speaking of sleeping… It's a 6 hour time difference, and luckily, Ryan & I got over the jet lag pretty quick.  Not so lucky, Maggie did not.  Like I said she did pretty well the first night, but the second night she was up from 10 pm until 2:30 am when we finally just put her in bed with us which meant we slept on 1/4 of the bed while she slept on 3/4.  The third night I was determined not to bring her out into the living room when she woke up around 10 something but she cried every time we laid her back down so I ended up sleeping in a twin bed with her in her room.  Last night, she cried every time we laid her down again, and we made the mistake of bringing her out into the living room around 9:30 so she was up until 12:30 when we brought her into bed with us again.  I'm praying that she will sleep better tonight because mommy & daddy are tired, and Ryan goes into the office tomorrow for the first time.  I've heard it can take a day to adjust for every hour of time difference.  Hoping she gets back to her rockstar sleep soon!!

So what we've been up to the last few days.  First, I just have to laugh that on Saturday our first meal in England was Domino's Pizza.  (If you know my husband, you know how hilarious this is!)  Sunday we had our very first visitors come in from Lincoln, England.  Ryan's fraternity brother, Josh, and his wife, Cait, are living in England for the next 3 years, and have been here since May.  They were so sweet to come welcome us, help us get settled and answer our millions of questions.  They really helped us feel so much more comfortable here.  We plan to see them as often as possible.  So thankful for them!
First cup of English tea!

Josh & Cait with Maggie

On Monday we had our things delivered from the states that were airlifted which made our teeny, tiny apartment that much teenier!!  Most of the stuff we just left in boxes because we didn't know where to put it.  Then we went off to explore a little bit but mainly grab some food and supplies for the flat.  They don't have that many fast food restaurants much to Ryan's disappointment.  Ha!  Tuesday & Wednesday were spent looking for our "permanent" residence while we are here.  Our consultant took us all over Warwick and Royal Leamington Spa.  It was so nice having someone showing us around and explaining everything.  We had a lot of fun looking at all the quirky homes and trying out some new restaurants.  Fingers crossed, I think we've found a place!  I'm hoping that everything works out and we can moved in quickly.  I can't wait to show you guys pictures of the place.  It is so English!! :)

Located some Mt. Dew & DP!  Too bad it was Mt. Dew Energy.  So not the same...

Just a little snap shot of part of the town of Warwick.  I haven't been the best at taking pictures yet but I have to get pictures of the rest of the town and the castle soon!

So I think that about wraps up the last few days.  I think I could sleep for days.  We need our family to come visit ASAP to watch Maggie so we can crash!  It's definitely been a little bit challenging doing all this with a baby but really Maggie has been a complete angel this whole time.  She has put up with so much!  

Here's to starting this adventure!


  1. These pictures are so fun! I still can't believe that you LIVE in England now and are not just visiting for a short time! I hope that Maggie's sleep gets sorted out quickly and that you guys find your new, wonderful home! I'm loving all the pictures, so keep 'em coming!! :)

  2. Thanks for the update & the pictures. It looks so fun! Hope Maggie gets back to her normal sleep schedule soon. Looking forward to more updates,

  3. We are really looking forward to keeping up with the three of you via your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure. We almost feel we are there! Hugs to all and kisses to Maggie.

  4. How cool. So glad yall had a good trip there. Hope yall are rested up now and have a bigger place.


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