Thursday, January 2, 2014

9 Months Old

(A little late!)

 photo b0e1600c-8f8c-49cb-82f0-5d93e0028abe_zps11f029f3.jpg

This child just keeps getting more and more fun every month.  However, this last month she became a full fledge daddy's girl, and mommy became chopped liver!  If he is in the room she only wants to be in his arms.  It's pretty cute but also makes me a bit jealous.  I only carried her for 9 months and birthed her.  Ha!  I really do love the fact that she already is a daddy's girl.  It was inevitable.  :)

She is also really working on trying to stand alone.  She hasn't gotten past just a few seconds but every day she's getting a little more daring.  She pulls up on everything, then walks around the object (couch or ottoman) and will even transfer to another piece of furniture.  All her new skills have also brought with it a pretty awful sleep regression.  She has been waking up several times a night again, though there will be an 8 hour stretch of sleep in there too.  Her naps are pretty bad as well.  She only takes two naps a day and they only last about 45 minutes.  We are lucky if they get to an hour or hour and a half.  I just don't think she will ever be a "good" napper.  But she definitely still needs them and gets super cranky without them.

Her personality is definitely developing more and more.  I love her ornery side as well as all the giggles and smiles.  She LOVES other babies or small children.  All she wants to do is be around them and "talk" to them.  It is too funny to watch her.  I need to get this on video soon.  I will say watching her interact with other children has given me my first pang of wanting another child (no time soon though!).

Every month is gets harder and harder to capture this little one in one spot!

All she wants to do now is take a nose dive off her chair, and when I won't let her I get this face.

Yay… the bunny shot didn't happen this month...

Best shot.

We did a little better when I brought reinforcements in (i.e. daddy).

I could just kiss this face all. day. long.

Just some random photos from this past month.

Packin' up the house for the big move!

Almost empty and can crawl where ever she wants!

Christmas party with her bestie, Greta.

Can you tell there was a baby bomb amongst our friends?

Rare mother/daughter photo.

First experience with Santa was a success!  We went in the middle of the week so there was no crowd. She is wearing a dress of mine from when I was her age.

Nane & Maggie

We got in a few visits with Maggie's Great Grandma this past month.

Took a trip to Ryan's hometown to visit family for Christmas and visited another Santa.  That didn't go as well as the first time.

Maggie hanging out in daddy's old baby Oshkosh overalls and hat.

I'm going to try and post another blog with updates on our move soon.  It's been pretty crazy and having problems with my blog haven't helped!


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