Friday, January 31, 2014

10 Months Old

We finally have our internet and computer setup!  Whew.  Back to blogging.  ;)

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Maggie has officially been outside my belly longer than she was in.  ;(  It's really hard to believe that she will be a one year old in less than two months.  Guess I need to start planning for the party!  These last couple of weeks have been a tad bit cray cray.  Maggie didn't sleep through the night for almost 3 weeks (until we got into our new place), we both got sick (still getting over it) and she cut her upper front right tooth and working on the left.  Sheesh.  I need a vacation.  She really has done remarkably well for living in three different places since the middle of December.  Luckily, things are starting to get settled around here finally.  

This girl is on the move.  I swear everyday she is coming up with a new sound, face or movement.  She is quite the entertainer.  Yet, she still will come and cuddle with me.  Praying that will never go away!  She is still pretty attached to us, so we can't go very far without hearing about it.  But she is starting to self entertain as long as we are near.

She is drinking less and less milk.  Sometimes she will only have 3 bottles a day and not even finish them all.  This always makes me nervous that she's not getting enough nutrients, but I know she is fine.   She's eating quite a bit of solid food these days.  What have been your experiences with milk bottles and weening them?  So far she's been the one weening herself.  Do you just cut them off right at a year?

She is also still taking two naps which I hope lasts for awhile!  Her first nap is around 10am and last about an hour, and the second is around 2pm & is anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.  I hope her naps get a little longer one of these days!

She's still just standing for a few seconds here and there on her own.  I'm in no rush for her to just take of walking!  Who knows what she will be able to do by the end of the month.  They change so dang fast!

These pictures are a little different now that we are in a new place.

I had to use lots of distractions this month so she would not pull off her sticker and eat it.

Blowing raspberries

The bunny was getting tossed every few seconds so most of these pictures are blurry.  I guess she needed her space.  Ha!

Pictures from before we left for England.
Mags and her bff, Greta.

Lovin' on her Great Grandma.

Maggie, Great Grandma and Grandpa

Maggie is obsessed with other little kids, and she especially loves her cousin Kaylee.

Saying goodbye to friends.

Future hubby, Caden and Mags

Great Aunt Darla, Great Aunt Cindy, Mags and Great Uncle John

I plan to post pictures of Maggie's new nursery and the rest of the house as it comes together.  We are renting so I can't do a lot with it.  But the house and the grounds around it are pretty neat.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Where in the world has the time gone!? My goodness. I'm so excited to hear all about England! Grey doesn't seem to nap for longer than 1-1 1/2 as well...but since she sleeps 12-13 hours every night, I can't complain!


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