Friday, December 6, 2013

6 & 7 Month Favorites

Here's another break down of Maggie & I's favorite things from the past few months.  I did not list my iPhone or the remote control but those also top the list of favorites for Maggie.  Ha!

6 & 7 Month Favorites

1. Cute Zoo Bib Feeding Tuck-away - I love these bibs!  We have the cat & owl animals.  It's so easy to rinse them off and use them several times in a row.  No more washing a ton of cloth bibs for this girl.  They are also great to throw in your diaper bag because they collapse into a tiny pouch!  Plus, they are so cute!

2. Sophie the Giraffe & Friends - I think this is probably a staple in most mommy homes.  We are no different over here.  I love that they are all natural (and cute), and Maggie loves to play with them.  Her favorite is the one with the pink ears and large head (Chan Pie Gnon).  She loves to squeeze it and chew on it's ears.  It's super soft and makes a lot of noise (which she loves and me not so much).

3. Duktig 14-piece Vegetables Set - This was a gift from my SIL, Emily, when Maggie was born.  This is easily Mag's favorite toy to play with.  She loves stuffing the veggies in her mouth and throwing them around.  They are easy for her to grip and she loves the feel of them.  She even plays with the basket.  This is my go to when she starts to get a little fussy.

4. eWonderWorld Rainbow (6 Colors) foam Mat - I knew when I was pregnant that I would need to find a good foam mat for my baby to play on since most of our house is hardwood floors.  I did a little research and found this one had great reviews.  I liked some of the other mats with little animals or letters on them, but read that a lot of them had a strong rubber smell or were not that thick.  This one had absolutely no smell at all and the thickness is perfect.  Maggie has taken a few tumbles and I'm never worried that she will hurt herself on it.  This is definitely a must if you have hardwoods or even carpet!

5. Lifefactory 2 Pack Multi Sensory Silicone Teether - I felt like a lot of blogs and friends have recommended these so I registered for them when I was pregnant.  I'm definitely glad I did because Maggie loves to chew on these and mold them around in her hands.  This is definitely an item that I always keep in my diaper bag.

6. Innobaby EZ Grip Massaging Teether - This was an item that was delivered to me in my Citrus Box.  It quickly became one of Mag's favorites.  She loves the little rattle noise and flexibility of the toy.  I think it feels pretty good on her gums.  I usually latch it on to some plastic links and attached it to her highchair cover when we are out eating places.  She will just go to town on this!

7. The Jesus Storybook Bible - This was gifted to us by our church back in Kansas City when Maggie was baptized.  We LOVE it!  I've already read the whole thing to her.  It's a great depiction of the bible for children.  I know Maggie doesn't know what it means yet, but I love that I can still read to her all about Jesus.  Plus, she loves all the colorful pages.  I can't wait for her to truly understand how much Jesus loves her!

Did you notice a theme? Half the list were teething toys.  Yep, we are definitely in the "chewing on anything we can get our hands on" stage!

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  1. Grey loves her Innobaby EZ Grip Massaging Teether too!!! Some of our favorite things come Citrus Boxes, they've been worth every penny!


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