Monday, November 11, 2013

We are moving... again!

(If you are keeping track, this is our 6th move in seven and a half years... and yes we are crazy.)

We are moving to England!!  I can't believe I am typing out those words right now.  It has been such a whirlwind leading up to this, that it is hard to comprehend that this is actually happening... and soon!  I know you guys are wanting the details, so here it goes!

Ryan was offered an incredible opportunity in the UK with his current employer.  So we are moving to Warwick, Warwickshire in England which is about an hour and a half north of London.  The plan is to move out there at the beginning of January so that gives us time to get through the holidays and secure our visas/passports (yes, Maggie gets one too!).  I don't know the actually date we will be flying out yet but as soon as the visas arrive we are booking the flights.  

What is so great about this opportunity is that it's only for 18 months!  I feel like that is a prefect amount of time to experience England, travel, soak in the culture and not get too home sick.  It was a hard decision as we didn't want to take Maggie away from family.  But at the same time this is probably the perfect time to go before she is in school.  I am also so thankful for technology and the ability to factime!  

There is so much to get done between now and then.  Throw in the holidays and we will be there in a blink of an eye.  I am really trying to enjoy this whole experience and not let the stress overtake me.  Knowing that we have such a short amount of time over there it's just not worth letting the stress ruin the fun.  :)  This is a once in a life time opportunity, and we plan to live it up & travel to as many places as possible!

Anybody that wants to come visit us, are more the welcome!  But you better hurry as we won't be there for long.  ;)

Sorry this pictures are so blurry.  I can not get this girl to sit still these days!

We will be keeping you updated on all the fun times ahead of us!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Halloween!

I have been looking forward to Maggie's first Halloween since I was pregnant!  I'm the nerd that has been thinking about what she was going to dress up as for months.  Originally I thought it would be so cute to dress her up as a cupcake but I couldn't find any that I liked or that weren't $90 plus.  Since I am not crafty enough to make my own costume, I decided to scrap the cupcake idea.  That's when I ran across the most adorable fuzzy, pink, lady bug costume!

When people asked what she was going to be, it was hard to explain so I just said she was going to be a love bug!

Since buying this I saw that this "fuzzy" costume also comes in a pig or a sheep.  I purchased our costume here.

Just a few more pics from all our Halloween fun this past month.
Maggie's first Halloween party.

Friends & neighbors Janet, Nathan & their little boy, Jaxon
Our neighborhood had a little get together before the trick-or-treating started.  We are lucky enough to have several friends that all live in our neighborhood. 

Trying to see out from her massive head piece.  Ha!

Halloween outfits are the cutest!  Here are a few of Maggie's that I had to share.  :)

Yes... even PJ's!

 As you can tell, I had so much fun this year!  I can hardly wait for next year when she will be toddling around in some cute costume!!