Monday, October 14, 2013

Second Zoo Down!

This past weekend was another fun one for the books!  Nana (my mom) came to visit us and at the last minute we decided to make a quick trip to the Wichita Zoo on Sunday.  Meme, Grandpa, Auntie Em, Great Uncle Alan & Great Aunt Linda all met us there.  It was absolutely the perfect day!

Meme & Grandpa teaching Maggie how to ride her first horse. ;)

Great Uncle Alan showing Mags the penguins. 

Great Uncle Alan & Aunt Linda

These tortoises were so neat.  I told Ryan we needed to have one in our backyard.  They were about 65 years old!

G. Aunt Linda, Auntie Em & Meme mimicking the bears.

Did I mention is was the perfect weather??

Love this picture.  You can kind of see Maggie's dimple here.

Grandpa had the best time carting Maggie and her little bear ears all around.

Nana's turn for a picture with Maggie.  Ha!

Little family pic.

I can't get over Maggie's face in this one.  She was in the BEST mood!  I guess we need to take her to the zoo more often!

Maggie checking out another "baby".

This was definitely her favorite spot!

Doing the "flamingo" with Auntie Em.

Group pic!

We seriously had so much fun.  I was worried that Maggie would have a melt down since she didn't really nap much that day but she did great.  I think she's moving towards dropping that third nap.  Especially on days that we have a lot of activities going on.

I will be posting Maggie's 6 months photo's next!

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