Wednesday, September 25, 2013

6 Months Old

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I can't believe that my baby is already half a year old.  It doesn't seem like it's possible.  In some respects it feels like she was just born yesterday but in others it's like I've know her my whole life.  It's been a little hard to come to grips that Maggie is now closer to being a one year old then she is a newborn.  :(  I had plans to celebrate this milestone with a little cake (just for grownups) but didn't get around to it.  I guess it's time to start planning her birthday party.  Ha!  But at the same time, it has been so fun to see her grow, learn new skills and start to develop her own little personality.  Every stage comes with new challenges but they also packed full of fun surprises.

This past month I feel like Maggie has really developed into a baby rather then a newborn.  She started to sit up right at the beginning of her 5th month and now has it pretty down pat.  She still hasn't made any real effort to try and be mobile yet (which I'm ok with).  At her 6 month appointment, her doctor called her a "lap baby" because she's pretty content just hanging out.  She will go for toys that are within reach but doesn't care too much about the ones that are farther away.  I've been trying to help her along by showing her how her legs can go under her and letting her push on my hands to try and move.  I know we will get there.

She is still teething but no teeth have popped through yet.  Luckily, she not to the point her she puts everything in her mouth yet.  She does some but it's not bad.  I'm just trying to enjoy every stage for what it is because I now know how quickly they pass.  I will be excited for her when she starts to become mobile but I know that will bring on a whole new set of challenges!

This past month was filled with trips to Kansas City (per usual), Wichita, Ryan's home town and Hutchinson for the State Fair.  Our good friends Matt, Kara & Greta came to visit as well.  Maggie also went to her first baby shower.  Ha!

Now on to the monthly photos.
Showing off her new sitting up skills.

One of my favorites!

The tongue is out on a regular basis especially when she's excited.  She also does this little huff and puff noise too.  It's oh so cute.

Apparently I was boring her.

Here are just a few pics from this last month.
I brought out some of my baby clothes from when I was little to put Maggie in.  This was my outfit I was brought home from the hospital in.

Had to throw on one of my bonnets.  Let's bring these back please!

We visited my old coworkers for a farewell luncheon for a guy that was leaving.  The above pic is of my two bosses with Mags.

We traveled to Wichita to visit with some friends and had a fun play date.

Michelle & Henri

Maggie & I

Just a short video of Maggie's first ride on a slide.  Not too eventful.  ;)

Ryan & David with their babies.

Grandpa & Mags

Then we headed to Hutch for Maggie's first State Fair experience.  Her pants came off pretty quickly as I realized it was warmer then expected.

Maggie's Grandparents introducing her to the different farm animals.

This quickly wore her out.

And she crashed on her Meme.  Couldn't you just eat her up?!

She is one lucky little girl to have these two in her life.

Back at the farm, Meme was showing Mags the vegetable garden.  She was pretty impressed!

Maggie has also been introduced to her first Kansas State football season.

This maybe a building year for us but Maggie still loves them!


  1. I stumbled on your blog a few months back. Not sure how I found it now:) Maggie is such a pretty baby......


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