Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catching Up

This is pretty much a photo dump post so that I can have all of these in one spot and to catch back up!  Most of these pictures are of friends and family that either visited us or we visited them.  We are definitely blessed to have so many wonderful people in our life and who love Maggie as well.

These next two photos are of Ken & Melinda who stopped in on us while they were traveling through Oklahoma.  We love drop ins!!
Ken & Maggie

Melinda & Maggie

Our good friend, Brittney, stopped in to visit us while she was in town for work.  

This is one of my favorite pics of Mags from this past month wearing her new sunglasses I bought at H&M.  She actually really likes to wear them but her nose isn't quite big enough yet to prevent them from eventually sliding down her nose.  :)

Lunch date with our sweet friend, Chelsea.

Uncle Sean & Aunt Emily came in for a fun visit.  Maggie loves them so much!

One of my favorites of Uncle Sean & Maggie.  Sean went to KU if you couldn't tell from his expression.

Maggie sporting her "Auntie Loves Me" onesie.

We celebrated our good friend, Camden's, second birthday.  Side note, how is that possible?? I thought we just went to his first birthday party just a few months ago!!  That post here.

Maggie partying it up. ;)

Um, I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to get a decent picture with kids.  Ha!

Maggie has been working on learning to sit up on her own.  (She actually can now sit up by herself for a few minutes or so on her own since she turned 5 months old!)

We have been enjoying family walks this summer when it hasn't been too hot (or when Maggie tolerated being in the stroller).

Me, Megan & Kara
We spent a week in Kansas City and one of the reason's we went back was to celebrate my friend, Megan's, 30th birthday.  Her birthday is just 2 days before mine.  It was an 80's themed, rollerskating party.  The three us of pictured above were all best friends from high school & college.

Maggie & I were also able to attend Kelley's bridal shower in KC.  We have known each other our entire lives.

Can't wait for her wedding in September!

Having fun with Nana.  We were so grateful that Nana watched Maggie for us a few times while we were in town so that we could go out to dinner, run errands and see friends.  You're the best!

Sorry so many of these pictures are blurry.  I take most of my pictures now with my cell phone.  I need to be better at grabbing my nice camera every now and then.  Anyway, this was our friend, Brandon, holding our not so happy baby.

Ryan, Me, Brandon, Cynthia, Brad & Lindsey

We were wishing Brandon & Cynthia a farewell as they were moving to Denver to start new jobs.  We are going to miss them so much but at least we have even more reasons to make it out to Colorado more!

We always have a ton of play dates every time we're in town.

Visiting Mag's Great Grandmother is also a must.

Maggie & Melissa at a play date at her house.

Maggie & Caden at another play date.  I think Mags is feeling deprived since we've been home with no babies to play with!

Just a few more snapshots from our KC trip.  Can you tell that our trips there are marathons to see all our loved ones??  I didn't even get pictures of everyone we saw!

That pretty much catches us up now.  There are a lot more pictures from this past month on my instagram account if you want to follow me there.  My username is ebrigl.

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