Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Months Old

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This month has been a whirlwind! Maggie went on her first plane ride, friends & family visited us, we spent a week in Kansas City, celebrated friends & family's birthdays and her momma turned 30!

I feel like I just blinked and my baby girl was 5 months old!  I'm so not ready for the rest of her childhood to go this quickly.  :(  The big news this month is that this little girl is FINALLY sleeping through the night, like 12 hours straight!!  There are definitely still nights where she will wake up once for a feeding (been happening the last few days) but I will take that any day over what we were dealing with.  I also can say that I have her on a little schedule for about a month now.  I plan to make a separate post about all of this soon.  My next post is going to be a much needed dump of pictures from all our adventures this last month.  On that note, does anyone have a good way to keep all your million pictures organized and backed up??  I am quickly becoming overwhelmed by my thousands of pictures...

On to our monthly chair photos!
I finally got her to smile in these photos!

I swear she just keeps getting cuter and cuter everyday!

She's definitely starting to develop a little personality.  One of my favorite things is when she wrinkles up her nose when she smiles.  I also love it when I will be doing something and then look over at her and she's been smiling at me the whole time.  Melts my heart!  She definitely likes to keep an eye on me.  Ha!

 Like I mentioned above, I turned 30 this past month on August 2nd.  It was a very surreal feeling to be leaving my 20's.  So many wonderful things have happened to me in this decade, and to be honest I've never really thought much about my 30's.  If looking back on the last 10 years is any indicator on how wonderful my next 10 years will be... well then bring it on!!
Posing with my best girl on my B-day.

I'm one lucky girl.

Birthday wishes from my baby.  ;)

My mom came to visit for my big day and also babysit so Ryan & I could have a night out on the town.  He took me to a fancy steak house and then to a comedy club.  I felt like a young 20 something again.  Ha!

My mom was so sweet to bring this gorgeous birthday cake with her all the way from KC.

We definitely stretch out birthdays as long as we can our these parts.


  1. Love all the sweet photos! I am photo crazy...I load mine on my Shutterfly account, back them up on Drop Box, and I still keep them on my computer, phone and camera until I absolutely HAVE to delete them for space.

  2. She is just SO cute. Love all that hair. I feel like my girl will 10 before she has that much hair, I'm jealous! :)

    I upload my pictures almost every time I take some, then I sort them into files. It makes it easier to manage than uploading the pics once every few months!

  3. Love the smiling chair photos! That little nose wrinkle is so cute!


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