Monday, July 1, 2013

My 0-3 Month Favorites

My 0-3 Month Favs

1. Uppababy Vista Stroller - I LOVE this stroller!  It is really well made and is a great design.  It comes with so many accessories that you would normally have to pay extra for in any other stroller.  This can also become a double stroller too with just a simple attachment.  We have been very happy with this so far!

2. 4Moms Infant Tub Clean Water Flows In, Dirty Water Flows Out - We originally bought the Puj bathtub but it just didn't really work with our sinks.  Plus, our baby was already pretty big when she was born and had a hard time fitting into it.  So, we researched a little more and found this one.  It has been so great!  We love that it tells you when the bath water is at the right temperature, the dirty water flows out and it's a great size for Maggie.  She loves to slash and kick around in it.

3. Miracle Blanket - This has been the only swaddle that Maggie hasn't houdinied her way out of.  We even tried the ones with velcro, and she could still get her arms out of them.  We stopped swaddling her about a month ago when she started inch worming her way around the crib and getting stuck.  But we loved it when she was at the age to be swaddled!

4. Dr. Brown's BPA Free Baby Bottles 8 Oz. Pink 3 Pack - Maggie has had a lot of gas issues even being completely breastfed.  We've tried a couple different kinds of bottles but Dr. Brown's seem to be the only one that really helps to reduce her gas pain.  I have even started pumping during the day and feeding her breast milk through a bottle to help with the gas.  I know people talk about the parts being a hassle to clean but it really isn't.  It's just not a big deal to wash them along with the rest of the bottle.  We've been really happy with them so far!

5. Aprica Haven OpenAir Play Yard Twilite - This has been such a lifesaver!  Maggie slept here most of her first two months of life right next to our bed.  It also doubles as a diaper changing station in our room when she's not sleeping in it.  It's been so easy to take with us when we visit family as well.  We still bring her into our room to sleep in it after she wakes up in the early morning hours in her crib so we can sleep a little longer. :)  I really like the look of it too.

6. Aden Anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack - I know I've already talked about the Miracle Blanket but we also really like these muslin swaddles.  They are really light weight and breathable.  I swaddle just the bottom half of Maggie in these during her naps.  I also use them as a light weight blanket to cover her or put underneath her.  I use them for everything!

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