Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Video Post

I've been trying to get better at capturing "Maggie" moments on video.  I know I will really regret not having them later in life if I don't make an effort.  But it's so hard to remember to grab my phone and nowadays she will stop what she's doing because she becomes more interested in the phone.  :)

This first video I titled it "Mommy of the year award" because I accidentally made her cry!  It was so sad.  I used to make this noise with my tongue because she seemed to be interested in the sound, and would make the cutest faces.  Well, apparently I was just scaring the crap out of her the whole time.  Ooops!

She has also started to really "talk" recently.  It is so funny because it seems like she really is concentrating to make these sounds.  This first video is more of her cooing and the second one is more of her  "talk".

One of the most adorable thing Mag's does is this face and little noise she makes when wind hits her face.  Ryan loves to play with her in front of a fan, and I just blow on her face.  Ha!

And the biggest news of all.... she has started to really giggle!!!  I cried the first time I heard her do it, and so far I've been the only one to get her to laugh.  Score one for mommy!  I just melt every time I watch this video.

Sorry for the video overload!


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