Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth!  I know we did.  :)
We sort of had an extended celebration.  In the past years we always try to celebrate this holiday back on Ryan's family's farm.  This year the 4th happened to coincide with wheat harvest so there wasn't time to shoot off fireworks.  We still had fun though because Ryan's aunt and uncle came in town from Florida for a quick visit.

Maggie all strapped in for our road trip.

Love this face.

Spending time with Papa (both Papa's!).

Her favorite this is to fly through the air these days.

This weekend was so fun because we got to see the whole family!

Me and my girl

Maggie & Meme playing

She also only wants to stand nowadays.  I'm definitely getting a good arm workout since I'm constantly having to hold Mag's in a standing position.  Ha!

Meme, Aunt Sally & Uncle Evan
She was pretty much the center of attention all weekend long.  Ha!

Patriotic baby

After a wonderful visit with family, we headed back home to celebrate the 4th with our neighborhood friends.  We are really lucky to have so many good friends that all live in our same "hood". 

Our little fam.

Our (slobbery) bomb pop.

Waiting for the fireworks to be lit by our neighbors.  Mag's was pretty worn out by this point as you can tell, and her poor little onesie was completely stretched out.  Ha!

She really did so well even with the heat and loud noises.  I can't wait for next year because I think she is really going to enjoy the firework show for real!  It's so surreal to think I'll be chasing her around this time next year and trying to keep her away from the sparklers.

I made this festive dessert pizza for the occasion.  I loved it so much that I think this will be a new tradition for each 4th of July!  I'm sure most of you have either made or tried this before, but just incase I'll list the recipe I used below.

4th of July Dessert Pizza

  • Butter a large jelly roll pan
  • Roll out 2 packages of sugar cookie dough (store bought) into the shape of a flag in the pan leaving an inch from the sides to allow expansion
  • Bake the dough according to the package instructions.  You may need to add an additional 5 minutes or so.  Just watch for the edges to become golden brown.
  • Beat together 8 oz of cream cheese, 8 oz of Marshmallow fluff and 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract
  • Spread onto the baked cookie dough once it has cooled
  • Wash and slice the fruit as needed and place on top!


  1. Cute baby, but does she ever smile?

    1. She does! :) It's just hard to capture on camera because she always becomes more interested in the camera. Plus, she can't quite smile on demand yet, but she's getting there!

  2. You and Maggie are beautiful! Grey is just now getting into airplane too! It's so fun watching them grow...every holiday is just that much more fun now! : )

  3. My goodness does that little girl have a fabulous 4th of July wardrobe! Looks like a great first holiday with her

  4. She is precious and has gotten so big!

  5. Love that onesie! So cute! Random question.... How did you get the July 4th image on your picture?

  6. Mommy of the Year is still one of my favorites!


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