Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weekend Visitors

May was a busy month for us as we had three weekends in a row of visitors!  (I know I'm so late on posting about this.)  I already talked about our friends Brad & Lindsey visiting here.  The weekend after that my cousin, Matt, his wife, Kathy, and their daughter, Kaylee came to visit us.  We packed our weekend full of fun.  It was neat to hangout with their daughter and imagine what Maggie might be like at her age.  :)

First things first, we took them to our small town's farmers market to get their famous cherry limeade.  My husband is always making excuses to go downtown on Saturdays so he can get one.  Ha!  Right near there is an old train station and train for kids to play on.  We had never really checked it out before but having Kaylee with us gave us a reason to.
Kaylee ringing the bell.

Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen??

I love these guys so much!!

Soon after that we left for the Tulsa Zoo.  We had never been and thought it would be a fun place for a 7 year old.  Kaylee is into collecting stuffed animals from each zoo she visits, so we knew she would enjoy it.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the first really hot days of the summer.  We did get about an hour in before it turned into blazing heat.
Kathy & Kaylee cooling off in the wind generator.

Maggie's first trip to the zoo!

Here's Kaylee & Matt being a little jealous of the penguins.  I'm pretty sure we were all wanting to jump into the water at this point.

Ha!  It looks like Maggie's trying to sunbathe here.

No idea what she's looking at, and no idea what we are posing in front of.

We came back to our house to crash for the rest of the afternoon and soak in some air-conditioning. 

Matt & Kathy also got to get some quality time in with Maggie.

We had so much with with you guys!  Please come back again soon.  Love you so much!

The following weekend our good friends Mark, Emily and their son, Caden, came to visit us.
Of course I forgot to get a picture of Mark!!

We kept this weekend pretty low key since we both had little babies and had to take separate cars everywhere we went because of carseats.  Of course we hit up the farmers market for cherry limeades, then after that we showed them around our office building (which I'm sure was so boring!).   We worked up an appetite so we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Frank & Lola's, for lunch.
After that we pretty much just hung out at our place and let the babies "play" together.  Maggie didn't really notice Caden was there, but he definitely had fun checking her out all weekend.  So cute!!  Caden is almost exactly 4 months older then her.

Enjoying tummy time together.  Future boyfriend/girlfriend??  :)

We have been having so much with with all our visitors lately.  Who wants to come next?  Any takers??  I still have to post about Maggie and I's adventure to Kansas City for a week while Ryan was out of town (coming soon!).

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