Sunday, May 19, 2013

Evan & Sally's Wedding

Two weeks ago (first weekend of May) Ryan's little sister, Sally, married her best friend, Evan.  They are the sweetest couple you will ever meet, and their wedding was very intimate.  Absolutely perfect!  It was a full weekend affair with immediate family and just a few of the couple's close friends.  The only problem was the freak cold snap in May!  Oh well, every wedding has their hiccups.  :)
Sally was glowing and just radiated beauty.  Her sweet friends did her makeup, hair and helped her get dressed.

I can't get over how gorgeous Sally is.  Evan is one lucky man!

Sally's wedding dress was actually her mom's but she had it altered a little bit to make it her own style.

Ryan had the honor of driving his sister to the wedding.

I have got to frame this picture!

Bride and Groom shortly after saying "I do".

A perfect union.  I can't wait to see what God has planned for their journey ahead.

Mary, Me, Maggie, Ryan, Emily, Sean, Sally, Evan, Harlan & Susan
The whole fam!

All the above pictures were taken by the talented Elizabeth Koehler.

Rehearsal dinner by the bonfire.

Nana and her granddaughter

Family shot all dolled up.

Me and my baby girl

Maggie's not the center of attention or anything...  :)

Uncle Sean broke his rule of "not holding small babies" that night.  They love each other.  ;)

Maggie with her Aunt Sally and new Uncle Evan.

Maggie was also able to meet her Great Grandpa that weekend too.

It was such a special time with family celebrating the two love birds.  So happy for them!!

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  1. Your sister-in-law made such a beautiful bride! And you are right about that photo of Ryan and his sister in the car...frame worthy!! Maggie has gotten to do so much in her few short weeks of life :)


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