Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2 Months!

 photo badeab69-e5ee-4b6c-97d2-dd91cd67ad25_zpsbf7cca21.jpg
I seriously can not get enough of this girl!  I just stare at her all day and feel like my heart is just going to burst.  I don't feel like it's possible love this girl anymore but it grows everyday. Plus, this girl just gets cuter and cuter!!

It has been so incredible to watch this girl grow and learn.  It seems like she does something different every day!  I just want to freeze time but I also can't wait to see what she's going to do tomorrow.  It's such a weird thing to feel both things at one time.  She just melts me every time she smiles at me or her daddy, and it seems like she's trying to figure out how to laugh too!  You would not believe how much this girl moves and kicks.  I think I'm in for it when she starts to crawl/walk.

I swear this girl smiles but apparently she didn't want to for these pictures.  Ha!

She can sit up better this month and is not sliding down the chair like last time (here).  Ha!

This picture cracks me up.  She's like "Hey man, I need my space".

I just love this girl so much.

I also had to share some fun videos from this past month.  This one is of her holding her head up during tummy time.

And this girl has been rolling over from her belly to back since 7 weeks.  I caught one of her rolls on video below.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Evan & Sally's Wedding

Two weeks ago (first weekend of May) Ryan's little sister, Sally, married her best friend, Evan.  They are the sweetest couple you will ever meet, and their wedding was very intimate.  Absolutely perfect!  It was a full weekend affair with immediate family and just a few of the couple's close friends.  The only problem was the freak cold snap in May!  Oh well, every wedding has their hiccups.  :)
Sally was glowing and just radiated beauty.  Her sweet friends did her makeup, hair and helped her get dressed.

I can't get over how gorgeous Sally is.  Evan is one lucky man!

Sally's wedding dress was actually her mom's but she had it altered a little bit to make it her own style.

Ryan had the honor of driving his sister to the wedding.

I have got to frame this picture!

Bride and Groom shortly after saying "I do".

A perfect union.  I can't wait to see what God has planned for their journey ahead.

Mary, Me, Maggie, Ryan, Emily, Sean, Sally, Evan, Harlan & Susan
The whole fam!

All the above pictures were taken by the talented Elizabeth Koehler.

Rehearsal dinner by the bonfire.

Nana and her granddaughter

Family shot all dolled up.

Me and my baby girl

Maggie's not the center of attention or anything...  :)

Uncle Sean broke his rule of "not holding small babies" that night.  They love each other.  ;)

Maggie with her Aunt Sally and new Uncle Evan.

Maggie was also able to meet her Great Grandpa that weekend too.

It was such a special time with family celebrating the two love birds.  So happy for them!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

First Mother's Day

 photo 0f1dc6e6-e8ba-4de2-99b3-f558af8bb6ba_zpsdabf7fa8.jpg

I've finally been able to experience my very first Mother's Day as an actual Mama!!  There were definitely times that I thought this day would never happen, but I'm so thankful that it did.  God is good.  

My baby girl is 7 weeks old, and I still have to pinch myself to make sure this is real.  I look at her everyday and try to soak her in.  Each morning I stare at her dimpled hands & feet, her chubby cheeks, her sweet lips and lock eyes with her.  I never want to forget her babiness or how she perfectly fits into my arms.  I promised myself once I finally became a mother, I would never take these days for granted. I am praying for so many of my friends that would give anything to experience this for themselves one day, and I KNOW that God will provide this!

Ok, you know I always have to post some outtakes!  Here she is practicing her cheerleading pose.  I'd love it if she followed in my footsteps.  :)

This one cracks me up.  What is she trying to look at??

Had to get a mother/daughter pic.

It was the perfect day and super sunny (as you can see on Maggie's face).

Our flowers are in full bloom and that it would be cute to take pictures of Maggie in front of some of them.

I was trying to show Maggie's cute shoes here but she was done taking pictures at this point.  Ha!  The shoes were a gift from some of my coworkers.

We had a wonderful day.  Ryan let me just lounge around the house and watch whatever TV show I wanted.  :)  He made me the best homemade meal I've had in awhile.  Then he gifted me with an iPad because he knows how immobile I can be especially while I'm breastfeeding.  This will definitely come in handy!!

We also had our good friends, Brad & Lindsey, visiting us for the weekend which was a blast.  We gave them the tour and then mostly played Canasta all weekend (and it wasn't because we had a baby - nerd alert!).

Brad & Maggie

Doesn't he seem like a natural?!

I mean come on!  Look how he's helping Ryan out with baby duty!

Linds looks pretty good with a baby in her arms too.  ;)

Uncle Brad & Aunt Lindsey come back again soon!  Maggie misses you already.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Meeting Maggie

We have been so blessed with so many loved ones coming to visit us and to meet our baby girl.  Many of them brought us delicious meals that have lasted us weeks!  Ryan & I were so overwhelmed by everyone's thoughtfulness.  It really helped us transition into this new life of ours.  I guess with all the craziness that a newborn brings it caused me to forget to bring out the camera to snap pics of everyone that visited.  But here are a few that I did remember to take!

This was actually taken at our doula, Brooke's, house when we were out and about for my 2 week follow up. 

 I had to get pictures of her with Maggie since we forgot to get any at the hospital.

Yeni works with Ryan, and she was so sweet to come visit us in the hospital with her family.  She has been so helpful, and when Maggie visited work she carried her around to everyone for us giving our arms a break. Ha!

Our good friends and neighbors Janet and...

Nate!  I think we gave them baby fever.  :)

Beautiful bride, Chelsea, made time to stop by in her busy pre-wedding schedule to meet Miss Maggie. Ryan & I were so sad to miss her big day.  :(

Because of Chelsea's wedding her sister (our good friends), Brittney, and...

brother-in-law, Mark, were in town from Houston.  We were thrilled they were able to meet Maggie while they were here.  Miss those guys!

Neighbor and good friend, Sarah, stopped by with some food to fill our bellies.

So many more!  Thank you so much everybody!

I also wanted to stick in a few sweet photos I captured of my SIL, Emily, and Maggie when she came to visit us.  They love each other.  :)

Maggie loves her Auntie Em!

Last pic of Maggie with her daddy.