Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Month!

 photo IMG_7373_zps17533d6b.jpg

How is it even possible that this girl is already one month old!!  Time please slow down!!  I feel like I haven't even had time to post all the pictures I've wanted yet.  I need to get back on top of this blogging thing.  I do feel like I'm starting to get a little more of a hold on this parenting thing.  :)  I didn't think that was possible at one point.  Ha!

I also took pictures of Maggie with her Sherpa chair from PB.  I thought this would be fun because then you can compare her size against the chair every month.

It's a little hard to prop up a one month old in a chair so I had a few cute outtakes.

She kept sliding down the side.  That face slays me!  She's like, "Mom! What are you doing to me?!".

Looks like I glued her to the side.  I thought about it...

Then I also thought about including a stuffed rabbit that her Meme gave her but it turned out to be a little big.

Looks like they are hugging each other!

This maybe one of my favorite pictures squished face and all!  I love this girl to pieces.  (Pleas stop growing up so fast!)


  1. The bunny pictures are priceless! She's such a little doll :)

  2. I absolutely love those snuggly little bunny pictures!

  3. So sweet!! Congratulations again and again.

  4. I love, love that chair- and sweet Maggie! Grey and Maggie are on the same eating schedule. : )

  5. OMG! Those pics of Maggie and the bunny crack me up! Love them! I can't believe she's already a month old. Time flies for sure.

  6. Such a beautiful girl! Those monthly pictures will get to be such a chore, especially if you try and do them with props as she gets older. BUT...I'm so glad I did it so I have them to look back on. :) Love reading about what Maggie has been up to!

  7. HAHAHA love the bunny smothering Maggie! Hilarious- great pics for the future to look back on!!!!


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