Monday, April 29, 2013

Video Overload

It was almost the second week of Maggie's life when Ryan & I realized we hadn't been taking any video of our little girl!  I think we were so overwhelmed those first few weeks that it just didn't cross our minds.  So we set out to rectify that.  This was the very first video we shot of our daughter.  (That's still weird to say.)

We happened to catch a few of Maggie's hiccups.  I'm pretty sure she gets them after every time she eats.  I used to get them several times a day and still get them often.  Unfortunately, she took after me on that trait.

I think babies are so cute when they are sleeping.  They always make the sweetest faces.  Yes, that is dried milk on Maggie's eyelid (it gets crazy up in here!) and yes, I caught her when she decided to nose dive off of my legs at the end of the video.

Ryan & I decided to start giving Maggie one bottle of breast milk a day so she will get used to bottles when I go back to work in a few weeks.  While she drinks from the bottle I will pump during that time to have milk for the next day's feeding.  It also gives me a little break and it gives Ryan a little bonding time with her too.  This video was one of the first times we gave her a bottle.  You can tell we had no clue what we were doing.  I absolutely love the noises she makes while drinking.  She's a noisy eater.

I love this video for so many reasons.  I love "daddy" footed pajamas, the song that's playing, her dancing legs (that girl is strong!) and how she's getting excited over the toy in my hand.  This gives me a little preview of what's to come when she gets older and can really start to play.  So excited for future play dates with this little lady but also sad how time is freaking flying!

This girl was a week old and I wigged out when she almost rolled from her back to her stomach.  She made it half way and then decided she was content looking at herself in the mirror.

Last video (for now) I promise!  I just took this last week of Maggie in her "chill" state.  I love when she's just hanging out and taking in her surroundings.  She was making all kinds of cute faces but as soon as I whipped out my cell phone she just stopped and stared at it.  My favorite thing is to lock eyes with her and try to get her to smile.  If you look closely you can see a dimple on one of her cheeks when she smiles.  I really like this video because it just captures her mannerisms.  I might have to start doing this on a weekly bases to see how much she changes week to week because it happens so fast.  :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Trip to Kansas City

Maggie's first trip over night trip was to Kansas City when she was 3 weeks old.  We left for KC Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday afternoon.  When I tell you the weekend was jammed packed that would be an understatement.  She got to meet so many wonderful people, celebrated her Meme's birthday and showered her Aunt Sally for her wedding.

Of course we stayed with her Nana and even visited her at work to meet all her coworkers.  All they kept talking about was how much hair she had.  Ha!

Friday night, Mark, Emily & Caden came over to meet Miss Maggie.

How cute is Caden?  It was so crazy to see this 5 month old and realize how big Maggie is going to get.

Father & Son, so cute!!  Caden is such a happy baby.  All he did the whole time he was there was smile and laugh.  Adorbs!

David, Michelle & Henri came to visit late Saturday night but I only got one picture of Michelle with Maggie.  We will have to rectify that next time we are together!!  Michelle was actually holding her the first time I saw Maggie try to smile.  So fun!

Saturday morning, Vicky, Matt, Kara & Greta came to meet Maggie.

Kara & I have been best friends since we were freshmen in high school, and it's so crazy that we have two girls 2.5 months apart!

I love Greta's face checking out Maggie.

I can't wait until they are big enough to play with each other.

Our family's!  The brunettes and the red heads.  Ha!

Father & Daughter

I love this picture that Vicky took of Maggie.  I could just eat her up!

After that we went to lunch with Brad & Lindsey, then ran into our friend, Kenneth, and I totally forgot to get any pictures with them.  Boo!

On Sunday, we went to lunch with the family to celebrate Meme's (Susan - Ryan's mom) birthday and again I didn't get any pictures.  :(  I need to get better about this!

That afternoon, we headed to Blue Springs to celebrate Aunt Sally getting married in a few weeks.

The cute couple.  We can't wait for the wedding!

Going around giving marriage advice to Sally.

Ryan's cousin, Jenny, had her baby boy, Grant, one day after Maggie was born!  Cousins just one day apart.

Ryan's cousin, Adrienne's little boy, Brody, is getting so big!

Future beautiful bride with her niece.

If our weekend wasn't crazy enough, we headed to Grandview to visit more family that evening.

Maggie had to meet her Great Grandma.  I think they were smitten.

My Grandma held her for about 2 hours!  I think she would have held her all night if she didn't have a blow out.  LoL

Maggie also got to meet several other family members that were there and of course I didn't get any pictures of them either.  Next time!!

It was a wonderful weekend, and I'm so glad that Maggie got to meet everybody that she did but she has so many more people to meet.  I guess we just need to head back to KC soon!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Month!

 photo IMG_7373_zps17533d6b.jpg

How is it even possible that this girl is already one month old!!  Time please slow down!!  I feel like I haven't even had time to post all the pictures I've wanted yet.  I need to get back on top of this blogging thing.  I do feel like I'm starting to get a little more of a hold on this parenting thing.  :)  I didn't think that was possible at one point.  Ha!

I also took pictures of Maggie with her Sherpa chair from PB.  I thought this would be fun because then you can compare her size against the chair every month.

It's a little hard to prop up a one month old in a chair so I had a few cute outtakes.

She kept sliding down the side.  That face slays me!  She's like, "Mom! What are you doing to me?!".

Looks like I glued her to the side.  I thought about it...

Then I also thought about including a stuffed rabbit that her Meme gave her but it turned out to be a little big.

Looks like they are hugging each other!

This maybe one of my favorite pictures squished face and all!  I love this girl to pieces.  (Pleas stop growing up so fast!)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Bath

How many people does it take to bathe a newborn?
Apparently it takes us 4!  Susan was taking the pictures but she put down the camera at one point to help.  The first bath was definitely stressful.  Ha!

It started out pretty good.  I think this girl likes to be naked.

Still can't believe Ryan & I made this little girl.

This was when it started to go down hill...

The paci came out and we tried to move fast.

I never knew how hard it would be to clean a baby.  They are so wiggly!

She loves to get her hair washed or at least have her head under the faucet.

The towel's still a little big for her.

Since then we've gotten a little better at it.  We actually ended up getting a bigger bathtub to fit in our kitchen sink so we'd have more room.  (We got this one.)  Maggie seems to like to soak in the warm water so we are having some fun at bath time now.  Baby steps!

Friday, April 12, 2013

First Easter

It's crazy how much longer everything takes you once you add a newborn to the mix.  Ha!  I'm finally getting around to posting some sweet pictures I took of Maggie for her first Easter holiday.  At least I'm still within a few weeks of Easter!  I have to admit that I still have our decorations up, and they could be there for a few more weeks... not going to lie.

I remember posting this outfit on one of my weekly bump updates and now I finally got to put Maggie in it!  It was even cuter then I had imagined.  Love those little sweet cheeks and baby legs.  :)

Posing with Nana on Easter before she had to head back to Kansas City.

I had ordered her first Easter basket awhile back from Pottery Barn and had it on display for like a month!  

Since she's not able to eat any sweets yet (I ate enough for the both of us) I got her the classic bunny books, Petter Rabbit & The Velveteen Rabbit.  The big pink bunny is from her Grandma, and I bought the little bunny rattle from PB.

I know I'm a cruel mommy but I just had to do this!  I ordered this little bunny outfit off Etsy because I just knew I had to do a mini photo shoot with my little bunny.  It's a lot harder then I thought to take pictures of a newborn.  That's why I left it to the professionals for her actual newborn photo shoot (more to come on that later).  She kept trying to eat the fur rug!

Had to do this much to my husband's dismay...  He later admitted that the pics were pretty cute.  ;)

I could just eat her up!

Her feet & hands are slightly tinged black from a little art project we did (again the hubby was not pleased).  I have to do these things while he's not around.  Ha!  The Grandma's & I stamped her feet and hand prints on canvas that now hang above her crib.  It was so dang hard to get clean prints without her wriggling her toes and fingers.  Oh well, they still turned out cute.

Oh the facial expressions...

Last one!

Love you little girl!  And I can't wait until you're old enough to hunt Easter eggs and understand the true meaning to this holiday.