Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bump Watch :: 39 Weeks

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How far along: 39 weeks

Size of Baby: 20 in & 7.25 lb

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Small Watermelon

Total weight gain: 28 lbs (almost 29 lbs)

Sleep:  Not too bad other then getting up to use the restroom several times a night and having to continue to turn over to relieve my sore hips.  I'm honestly not complaining now that the heartburn & indigestion are almost none existent!

Movement:  Love feeling her move.  As she is running out of room her little kicks and punching can be a bit more painful, but I know I'm going to miss this feeling once she is out.

Unglamorous body changes: My stomach is starting to feel pretty stretched.  There are times when I feel like it can't stretch any farther and my belly can be quite sensitive.  Still no stretch marks though!  Fingers crossed it stays that way.  Ha!

What I miss: I remember the days when I could get pretty comfortable pretty easily but these days it takes a little more time to get there.  Then I'm only comfortable for a short time before I have to switch positions.  

Milestones: She's probably able to flex her limbs now.  Her brain is still rapidly developing -- she's getting smarter by the week!  Her nails may extend past his fingertips.  (the

Labor Signs:  I've been having a lot of Braxton Hicks lately.  There were even a couple of times this week that I thought I could be going into labor.  Friday night the contractions were so strong that is was contorting my belly and you could even see the shape of Maggie!!  It lasted for a few hours but then started to lessen.  I've definitely been having contractions everyday but they are inconsistent.  I saw the doctor today and she said I was still 1 cm dialated but maybe a little more then that.  I was also 50% effaced, and she still thinks I will go into labor after my due date.  :(

Best moment this week: The nursery is finally finished and I took pictures of it this weekend.  I plan to post them this Thursday!!  I also got to have lunch with my friends Brittney (who was in town from Houston) & her sister Chelsea on Friday.  I also met with a photographer on Wednesday to discuss newborn pictures.  She was a little pricey so I'm still looking.  Finally, Ryan and I had probably our last date night on Saturday night.  It was a pretty great week (other then Maggie didn't come).

Looking forward to: Maggie's due date being here and obviously being that much closer to the day she actually decides to make her appearance.  I'm also looking forward to 3 months off from work to spend with my little girl.

Since I think little Maggie is going to miss St. Patrick's Day I wanted to post what will most likely be her first holiday outfit.  How cute is this bunny onesie and leg warmers???  I also got a black bow to go along with this.
This outfit is from here.  (Picture is from the etsy shop.)


  1. That little miss is gonna be one stylin' girl! What a cute Easter outfit! You look beautiful and yay for no stretch marks! :) Did you see Em had her baby last night? Your up next mama!

  2. Any day now! That outfit is too cute!

  3. Oh my look beautiful!! So so excited for you to experience the most incredible day of your whole life!! Could be any day now!! Can't wait to hear details!! Hope that I'm hugging you sooner rather than later. We're moving to Houston in about 4 weeks! I will be praying for you these next few days and waiting anxiously to hear that you're on the way to the hospital!!

  4. Ugh- my hips ache all night long too! I cannot believe your post says 39 weeks!! It's almost time! : )

  5. You look so pretty! And I love that easter outfit :) I can't wait to see Maggie rock it :D

  6. I can't wait to see the nurseru pictures!

  7. I can't wait for these "Bump Watch" posts to turn into a "She's Here!" post :) So excited for you!

  8. So excited to see pictures of her!


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