Monday, February 4, 2013

Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy Must Haves

1.  Maternity Tank - I've always worn tank tops under everything I wear, and especially now that I'm pregnant.  It just helps to smooth out your clothes and helps lengthen short shirts so you can get away with non-maternity clothes longer.  My favorite have been from the GAP.  They are nice & long and really stretchy!
2.  Tums - I read somewhere that almost every pregnant woman experiences heartburn at some point in their pregnancy but I can't remember the exact percentage.  I've pretty much had it throughout my whole pregnancy but it's definitely gotten worse towards the end.  Tums have been a staple on my bedside table and my favorite flavor is the Smoothies Tropical Fruit.  I think they taste really good so I don't mind when I have to pop 6 of them throughout the night.

3.  Protein Shake - When I went through my birthing class my instructor told me that I really needed to focus on getting 80-120 grams of protein in my diet everyday.  I don't eat a lot of meat so that seemed like a huge task for me.  So I started looking into other things that contained protein besides meat.  I found Special K Protein Shakes one day at the grocery store and thought I would give them a try.  They have 10g of protein and are perfect for the mornings.  I literally have had one everyday for almost my whole pregnancy.  They give me added protein while keeping me full longer when I don't have a chance to have a complete breakfast.  My favorite flavors are the Strawberry & Milk Chocolate.

4.  Maternity Leggings - These are a must!  Maternity leggings are so dang comfortable.  I wish I could wear them everyday, especially now that my belly is so much larger these days.  I like the full panel leggings and not the ones that have seams up the front of the belly.  I don't know who would ever make leggings like that but my first pair had those and you could see the seams through my shirt!  I really like the ones I linked to at Destination Maternity.  Super soft!  I have them in black, brown and grey.

5.  Lotion - I don't know about you but I typically get really dry during the winter months especially when I crank up the heat in our house.  I've also found that I feel drier then normal since I've been pregnant.  It's like it sucks the moisture right out of you!  My mom introduced me to this lotion recommended to her by her dermatologist, and I've found it to be the best so far.  It instantly relieves my itchy, dry skin and lasts the whole day.

6.  Peppermint Tea - Yes please!  I'm so glad people have given me suggestions on what to try to relieve the heartburn.  This has been a life saver I tell you.  I try to have one every night before I go to bed.  I really feel like I can tell a difference when I don't drink it.  The little k cups make it so convenient!

7.  Stretch Mark Lotion - I can't remember who suggested this lotion to me but I've been using it from the beginning.  I love that it doesn't smell like your typical coco butter stretch mark lotion.  It's kind of expensive but I think it's working.  No stretch marks so far!  I'm on my second tube so it's lasted me awhile.  I put it on almost everywhere.  Stretch marks don't just happen on the belly.  ;)

8.  Body Pillow - I bought the Snoogle body pillow towards the end of my first trimester.  I probably didn't need it that early but on their website people sleep with it even if they aren't pregnant.  I love how it conforms to your body and you can wrap it around you.  It's been a lifesaver for my hips and lower back this last trimester.

9.  Water Bottle - It's so important to drink enough water during pregnancy.  I was never a huge water drinker before so when I was told that you are supposed to drink a liter of water for every 50 pounds you weight I about choked!  My husband would tell you I'm sort of a water bottle collector of sorts.  I just love all kinds of them and have practically a whole cupboard full.  I think it's important to find a water bottle you love that it will encourage you to drink more.  At work, our water cooler is pretty far from my desk so I found that having a larger water bottle helped me to not have to get up as much to refill it.  I bought the 2 liter bottle from the website I linked to above.  That way I was almost done with my whole water quota after just drinking one of them.  (I tried to post the picture of the 2 liter bottle above but Polyvore wouldn't let me clip it so the picture above is the 1 liter bottles.)

**I was not compensated in any way for mentioning these products.  I just really like them. :) **


  1. I am having trouble getting all my protein , I need to try those! I love those Tums, and tanks are also my must!!!

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