Monday, February 18, 2013

Last Family Baby Shower

My amazing mother and Godmother (who came all the way from Dallas!) threw me a shower for my side of the family on the 9th.  And they thought of everything!  It was absolutely gorgeous and they completely out did themselves.  They definitely spoiled Maggie big time!
Pat had the banner made and my mom brought out a bunch of things from when I was a baby like my baby book, dolls, clothes and the bassinet I used to sleep in.  I can't imagine ever fitting into that.  Ha!

In this basket people could write advise and grab a name tag.  Do you see that adorable stork pen?  Too cute!

Pat also had these name tags made.  I forgot to ask her where she had these done!

My mom knew how much I loved my wedding cake so she went back to the same lady to have her make this ridiculous baby shower cake!!  For those of you who live in KC and want a great cake lady check out Iced Art.

My mom also had the cake lady make up these chocolate mints with Maggie's initial as favors.  I swear I ate about half of these.  Mmmm...

The gorgeous table scape (doesn't have all the food or drinks on it yet).

Another view

This was a blanket my other God mother made for me when I was a baby.  My nursery theme was The Wizard of Oz if you couldn't guess.  :)  I remember staring at all the detail on this blanket when I was little.

Pat came up with the "feet" theme.  I have huge feet so I wasn't sure if she was tring to tell me something... Haha!

35 weeks!

Mom & I

Mom, Me & Pat (Godmother)

Mom, Me, Pat & Rocky

Ryan jumped in for a pic.

Your dad is counting down the days until you're here Maggie!

Me & Susan (my MIL)

I am really hating these swollen pictures of myself but I love the other people in them so I still posted them.  :)  I don't have any pictures of the rest of the family & family friends that came since I put down the camera to socialize.  Boo!  Just know that I had so many amazing people here that completely showered Maggie & I with love.


  1. You look adorable in your dress and not puffy at all!! Your mom and godmother did such a great job with food and decorations, Maggie sure is spoiled already!

  2. You seriously look fantastic so please stop all that talk lady! Looks like an amazing shower--your mom and godmother did a great job! Where are you from in KC? I'm flying in for my baby shower this weekend--so excited!


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