Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jaxon's 1st Birthday

This past weekend Ryan & I were invited to our good friends (Nathan & Janet) son's first birthday party.  I love going to first birthday parties because they are still so little and not sure what's going on.  It's also fun to see how they are going to react to the birthday cake. :)

Janet made this by hand!!  I really don't think I could do that.

All the food was delicious.  The football theme was perfect because the Super Bowl started shortly after the party.

I always love bunting and can't get enough of it.

Time for the birthday boy to dig into his cake!

He immediately stuck his hands in it but then didn't know what to do after that.  Janet had to help him put the cake in his mouth.  Ha!

Eventually Jaxon started to just grab handfuls of the cake and then hand it over to his dad to take care of.  Too cute!

Sorry just can't get enough of this little cutie!

Ryan & I went a little overboard with gifts but we just couldn't resist all the cute stuff to get him!  I really like the brand of toys called B.  We got him this and this from that line of toys.  I've also heard a ton of great things about Playskool Elephant Busy Ball Popper so we had to get that too!

There were a ton of kids there but of course I didn't get any pictures of them.  I actually think the kids may have out numbered the adults!  There were even two sets of twins!!  It was such a fun time and we can't wait until Maggie gets here to be able to play with Jaxon too.

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