Thursday, February 28, 2013

Work Showers

I seriously can not believe how much this little girl is already so spoiled.  And she's not even here yet!  Words cannot express how blessed Ryan & I feel that our friends and loved ones have showered us so much.  I definitely know this is not typical and am so very grateful for everything!  Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!
We are definitely well prepared for Maggie's arrival!!

Ryan & I are very lucky to work for such a great company and work with even greater people.  Both of our work groups threw us the cutest showers.  I had no idea they were going to do that!
This shower was thrown by my group.  (I took this picture before everybody trickled in.  Why am I so bad at getting group shots??)

The gals in my group worked so hard to make this so special for me.  I loved it!

Little better shot of the table.

How sweet is this?  So vintage! :)
I don't have any pictures of my opening all the adorable gifts.  The big group gift was our baby monitor!  Can't wait for Ryan to hook it up!

Then Ryan's group threw us a surprise shower later that same week!  I can't believe how much effort everybody went to to plan this and keep it a secret from us.
Can you believe someone made this for us?  It's probably the cutest diaper cake I've ever seen!!

And this cake!  I'm in love with it and it tasted just as good as it looks.  Those pink petals are white chocolate shavings!!

I didn't even have my camera since I didn't know about the shower.  So I had to snag these pictures from one of Ryan's coworkers.  There were so many people there but were on the outsides of the room and not in the photo shots.

Opening all the sweet gifts.

Opening the big group gift.

And it was our awesome highchair I was so excited about registering for!!

Both of our groups were so very generous and we cannot say thank you enough!!  Can't wait for Maggie's arrival, the reason we've been so showered with love.  :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bump Watch :: 37 Weeks

**Sorry I haven't been blogging as much lately.  My energy and motivation have been drained!**

 photo ecf4dd36-413b-4232-947b-0b66fb045e5e_zps55c7e73d.jpg
Full Term!!!

How far along: 37 weeks

Size of Baby: 19.25 in & 6.3 lb

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Swiss Chard (???)

Total weight gain: 27 lbs

Sleep:   Still doing pretty good!  There was one night that I woke up about 4 times to go to the bathroom but other then that I may wake up once a night for indigestion and to use the restroom.

Movement:  She's definitely still getting her exercise in each day.  :)  Some times I think I feel hiccups but they seem so fast and are not lasting long.  It's either that or this girl's got rhythm.  Ha!

Unglamorous body changes: Some days are better then others on the swelling.  I'm still not really sure what's causing it.  I've definitely started hitting my belly on things, using it as a shelf and I'm constantly dropping food on it.  LoL.  Other then that I can't really think of anything else.  I feel like I really have been pretty lucky during this pregnancy as it has not been bad!

What I miss: Energy.  Still waiting for the nesting to kick in!  I think my husband is nesting more then I am.  Ha!

Milestones: She's practicing some skills: inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking.  She's getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready for her first diaper.  (the

Labor Signs:  I decided to add this topic as we are getting closer to the end!  I've been having several Braxton Hicks everyday, and I do feel like Maggie is definitely lower in my belly.  My pelvic area has also been feeling sore and gets shooting sharp pains.  I've also had some other signs that involve trips to the bathroom that is probably TMI for the blog. :)  Also, I started taking Primrose Oil soft gels and drinking red raspberry leaf tea.  Supposedly these things are supposed to help get your cervix ready for labor.

Best moment this week: Ryan & I had a fun Saturday as we spent time with friends as a little last hurrah before Maggie makes her entrance.  I went to a movie (Safe Haven) and then grabbed yogurt with my girls, and Ryan went to dinner, a comedy club, a video game place and casino with the guys.  I also had two work showers this week!!  (More to come on this later.)  On Monday my work group threw Ryan & I a little shower and then on Friday Ryan's work group threw us a surprise shower!  I really can't believe how blessed we've been.  We also closed out our Amazon registry and plan to close out our Buy Buy Baby registry some time this week.  I finally got the nursery and closet organized, and Ryan hung most of the decorations on the wall.  Just a couple things left and it will be finished!  Ryan also installed our borrowed car seat (ours won't be in until the end of April!), and I started packing the hospital bag.  Slowly but surely we are getting prepared!

Looking forward to: Hanging the mobile and waiting for our Finger Print Tree print to get framed.  Then I think I can officially call the nursery done.  I never thought I would say that.  Ha!  I'll definitely be posting pictures when it's all done.  And obviously getting really anxious for this little girl's arrival!  I still can't wrap my head around the fact that our lives are so close to being forever changed.

P.S.  I wanted to let everybody know (as I know people will start checking in here soon for labor updates) that I plan to update my Instagram account whenever I do end up going into labor.  Obviously this could still be weeks away, but wanted to let you all know in case you wanted to follow me to get the updates!  My user id is ebrigl.  :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bump Watch :: 36 Weeks

9 months along!!

How far along: 36 weeks

Size of Baby: 18.75 in & 5.75 lb

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Crenshaw Melon

Total weight gain: 26 lbs (almost 27)

Sleep:   This has still been better!  I only wake up about once a night now with some indigestion which is so much better then it has been.  I don't know if you can tell in this picture but I do think Maggie is a little lower which has helped so much with this issue!

Movement:  It seems like I can feel every movement now that she's bigger.  Since she doesn't have as much room I can even feel her tiny movements.  I have had a few kicks/punches that have taken my breath away too.  I don't mind though!  I think I may have felt hiccups one time this week too. 

Unglamorous body changes: I'm definitely getting more swollen!  I wore some tall socks with my boots the other day and when I took them off you could totally see a major indention of where they were.  I also had to take my engagement ring off since it's a thicker band but am still wearing my wedding band (even though it's a little tight).

What I miss: Probably having more energy to get things done.  I'm still waiting for that nesting phase to kick in... :)

Milestones: She's getting closer and closer to being able to breathe on her own.  Her skin is getting smooth and soft and her gums are rigid.  Her liver and kidneys are in working order.  Circulation and immune systems are basically good to go, too.  (the

Best moment this week: I had a doctors appointment yesterday where he checked me for the first time and she's definitely still head down!  They also did the Group B Strep test which I'll find out next week if that came back negative.  We also got a lot of things done this weekend like exchanges from previous showers, went to a gorgeous wedding shower and worked on the nursery some more.  We've started putting things together like the swing, humidifier, etc and we hung the curtains finally!  Still have to put all the decor up on the walls and organize.  Then I think we'll be done finally!  We also borrowed a friends carseat to put in the car until the one we ordered comes in (which is after my due date).  Also wanted to mention that I've been getting a few Braxton Hick's everyday!
Looking forward to: I need to pack my hospital bag this week!  I can't believe that I'm already too that point.  I feel like I have so much organizing to get done.  So my goal is just that this week... get organized!  And closing out our registries this coming weekend.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Last Family Baby Shower

My amazing mother and Godmother (who came all the way from Dallas!) threw me a shower for my side of the family on the 9th.  And they thought of everything!  It was absolutely gorgeous and they completely out did themselves.  They definitely spoiled Maggie big time!
Pat had the banner made and my mom brought out a bunch of things from when I was a baby like my baby book, dolls, clothes and the bassinet I used to sleep in.  I can't imagine ever fitting into that.  Ha!

In this basket people could write advise and grab a name tag.  Do you see that adorable stork pen?  Too cute!

Pat also had these name tags made.  I forgot to ask her where she had these done!

My mom knew how much I loved my wedding cake so she went back to the same lady to have her make this ridiculous baby shower cake!!  For those of you who live in KC and want a great cake lady check out Iced Art.

My mom also had the cake lady make up these chocolate mints with Maggie's initial as favors.  I swear I ate about half of these.  Mmmm...

The gorgeous table scape (doesn't have all the food or drinks on it yet).

Another view

This was a blanket my other God mother made for me when I was a baby.  My nursery theme was The Wizard of Oz if you couldn't guess.  :)  I remember staring at all the detail on this blanket when I was little.

Pat came up with the "feet" theme.  I have huge feet so I wasn't sure if she was tring to tell me something... Haha!

35 weeks!

Mom & I

Mom, Me & Pat (Godmother)

Mom, Me, Pat & Rocky

Ryan jumped in for a pic.

Your dad is counting down the days until you're here Maggie!

Me & Susan (my MIL)

I am really hating these swollen pictures of myself but I love the other people in them so I still posted them.  :)  I don't have any pictures of the rest of the family & family friends that came since I put down the camera to socialize.  Boo!  Just know that I had so many amazing people here that completely showered Maggie & I with love.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bump Watch :: 35 Weeks

(Picture from my shower this past weekend.)

How far along: 35 weeks

Size of Baby: 18 in & 5.25 lb

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Honeydew Melon

Total weight gain: ??? I forgot to weight!  (I'm feeling like it's a lot. Ha!)

Sleep:  I've had some pretty good nights and still some rough nights.  I think Maggie is starting to drop so the heartburn hasn't been as bad as it has been, but I've had a few nights with pretty bad indigestion. :(  I wake up coughing which in turn wakes up the hubs.  Poor guy... he deserves a metal for sleeping with me.  He talks about how tired he is and can't figure out why.  Ha! 

Movement: There are some days that she is a mover and a shaker & others she's pretty quiet.  Just last night one of her body parts was poking out and Ryan & I were trying to figure out what it was.  I don't know how people know what things are?!  She also gave me quite the kick in the ribs on Saturday.  That was probably the first time it actually hurt!

Unglamorous body changes: Indigestion, a little bit of heartburn and just being a little extra tired.  I feel like I got overwhelmed easier these days too.

What I miss: Probably still just a full nights rest.

Milestones: Her kidneys are fully developed now, and her liver can process some waste products.  Basic physical development is now mostly complete - her main job over the next few weeks is to put on weight. (baby center)

Best moment this week: Definitely the baby shower my mom & Godmother threw for me in Kansas City for my side of the family.  It was wonderful to see family & friends.  I can't wait to blog about it!  Ryan & I also got to see a few of our friends that have had babies recently on Friday.  (I posted pictures of them below.)  I also got to visit with my grandma on Sunday!  We also saw the doctor this week and everything is still looking good.  Now I will be going every week to see the doctor!!  How did I get here so fast??  Next week he will be starting to check to see if I'm dilating! I do think she's starting to drop!  AHHH!!!  I forgot to mention last week that I've started training the lady who will be taking over for me during my maternity leave.  Things are moving along!

Looking forward to: Hitting the one month mark!!  Ryan & I are going to a wedding shower this weekend here in Bartlesville for some good friends.  I'm excited to go since their wedding is just weeks after my due date which means we are unlikely to make it to the wedding.  We also finally got curtains and a few other things for the nursery.  So I'm excited to finish a few more projects for the nursey this weekend.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ha!

(These pics were taken with my camera phone.)

Emily, Mark & Caden
Caden was born on Thanksgiving day!  Such a cute family.

This is me finally meeting my best friend's baby, Greta!  She was born a month ago.  I can't believe it's already been that long.  So happy for Matt & Kara!  She is such a doll.

Michelle & Henri
Henri is now 5 months old.  How has time flown by so fast??  Ryan & I actually happened to visit them right when David & Michelle were in the process of moving to Wichita!  So we were able to pitch in and help them load up their moving truck (well Ryan did at least).  I'm sad they will no longer be in KC but I think we will still be able to see them a lot because they are now on the way to Ryan's home town AND Ryan's sister & brother-in-law live there!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jaxon's 1st Birthday

This past weekend Ryan & I were invited to our good friends (Nathan & Janet) son's first birthday party.  I love going to first birthday parties because they are still so little and not sure what's going on.  It's also fun to see how they are going to react to the birthday cake. :)

Janet made this by hand!!  I really don't think I could do that.

All the food was delicious.  The football theme was perfect because the Super Bowl started shortly after the party.

I always love bunting and can't get enough of it.

Time for the birthday boy to dig into his cake!

He immediately stuck his hands in it but then didn't know what to do after that.  Janet had to help him put the cake in his mouth.  Ha!

Eventually Jaxon started to just grab handfuls of the cake and then hand it over to his dad to take care of.  Too cute!

Sorry just can't get enough of this little cutie!

Ryan & I went a little overboard with gifts but we just couldn't resist all the cute stuff to get him!  I really like the brand of toys called B.  We got him this and this from that line of toys.  I've also heard a ton of great things about Playskool Elephant Busy Ball Popper so we had to get that too!

There were a ton of kids there but of course I didn't get any pictures of them.  I actually think the kids may have out numbered the adults!  There were even two sets of twins!!  It was such a fun time and we can't wait until Maggie gets here to be able to play with Jaxon too.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bump Watch :: 34 Weeks

 photo 5d33239b-46f8-4300-afcc-052bf8f41eb2_zps667de972.jpg
Photobucket totally changed their format and no longer has the font I was using for my weekly pictures! :(

This photo cracked me up!  I always have to look in the guest bathroom mirror to make sure I don't look crazy before Ryan takes my picture.  And Ryan decided to snap a picture of the primping, and that warrented me to give him the "look".  Ha!

How far along: 34 weeks

Size of Baby: 17.75 in & 4.75 lb

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Cantaloupe

Total weight gain: 24 pounds

Sleep:  This has been better!  I figured out that I needed a thicker pillow between my legs to help support my hips and lower back, and that has made all the difference.  I have not had any back pain since.  Woo Hoo!  I still wake up with heartburn but there are some nights where I can almost sleep through the night.  That's a huge praise! 

Movement: She definitely has her active and slower days.  There was one night where I had the remote on top of my belly and she was kicking so hard that it was bouncing the remote all over.  Ryan & I could not stop laughing!  There have been a few times now that she's kicked so hard that it gave me a little jolt and sort of hurt.  But nothing too bad.

Unglamorous body changes: Heartburn, and I'm starting to get pretty tired at night.  When it gets to be around 8:30 pm I'm struggling to stay awake.  Definitely losing energy at night.

What I miss: Not too much this week.  I really wanted a hotdog that I saw at a super bowl party.  Ha!

Milestones: She's recognizing and reacting to simple songs, if you're singing them. (If you're not, start! She may find them soothing after birth.)  She's also urinating about a pint a day.  (

Best moment this week: We made a little more progress in the nursery!  Ryan's almost finished with the dresser which I'm absolutely in love with.  I can't wait to show you guys pictures!  I also organized a bit more and ran a few errands.  I'm trying to stock up on everything I'm going to need for labor after getting a few tips from friends that have just recently went through it.  I'll have to get a post together soon of everything they told me.  I also forgot to mention that we preregistered at our hospital a few Fridays back.  That feels so good to be done with that.

Looking forward to: Ryan & I have this Friday off and we are headed to Kansas City for the last time before Maggie comes.  Ahhhh!!  My mom is throwing me a baby shower for my side of the family, and I'm so excited to see everybody.  It seems like it's been forever for some of them.  My Godmother is even coming up from Dallas to help out.  Can't wait!

I'm finally posting pictures from our trip back to Ryan's home town last weekend.  This was our last time being there without Maggie.  So crazy!!  (Pictures taken with my camera phone.)
Emily, Sean (covered up), Susan, Harlan, Evan, Sally, Papa & Ryan

We were celebrating 3 birthdays including Emily, Harlan and Papa.  It was so fun to have everybody together.  That rarely happens these days.

Papa opening our gift.

We got him a nice sweatshirt polo and Ryan spotted a gag gifted called the Wrongulator.  It's a calculator that will always give you the wrong answer.  Totally up Papa's alley.  ;)

Harlan got a few gifts from us including tow rope that he really wanted.

And Emily got a gift card to GAP for some clothes.  Love this pic!

Susan with her famous chocolate cake.  This was the star of the night.  Mmmm.... Maggie really appreciated it.  :)