Monday, January 28, 2013

Oklahoma Baby Shower

Ryan & I have been so blessed with wonderful friends & family offering to host baby showers for us.  I know it's sort of unusual to have so many.  But since we both have large families that live in town & just moved from Kansas City to Bartlesville, OK we've ended up having several showers.  We have the best friends  and family anyone could ever ask for!  Thank you guys!!

Two weeks ago my good friends, Janet & Sara, hosted a small baby shower for friends in Bartlesville.  That way they didn't have to travel to the one in Kansas City.  The shower was held at Janet's beautiful home that's actually just down the street from our house!
I LOVED these invitations.  Sara found the design off Etsy.

How cute is this setup??

The girls made everything homemade including the strawberry lemonade.  Everything was to die for.

Sara also made this sweet diaper wreath for the front door.  I've never seen one of these before!  This girl is talented.  :)

Sara also found this idea on Pinterest to have all the guests make head bands for Maggie!  She found the kit on Etsy.  I had never heard of this before either!! I LOVED this and can't wait to put them on Maggie's sweet little head knowing my friends made them for her.

Katie, Stacey, Megan & Lauren (the back of her)
Of course the finger print tree came to this shower as well!

Sara, Megan, Katie, Lauren, Jill (the back of her), Janet & Stacey

I love getting girly baby clothes!  Sara found this sweet thing off Etsy as well. (Don't you just love Etsy?!)

A gift from my good friend, Emily, (shout out!) who now lives in Texas & couldn't make it to the shower.

Janet, Me & Sara
The amazing hostesses!!  Thank you guys so much for the gorgeous shower.  It was absolutely perfect!!


  1. That diaper wreath is the cutest idea!!! You are so blessed and loved to have so many showers. =)

  2. So, so cute! Love the colors and decor!

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