Monday, January 14, 2013

Family Baby Shower

Last weekend Ryan & I traveled to Kansas City for a full weekend of fun.  Ryan's mom and sisters threw me a baby shower for their family on Saturday, and then on Sunday we had our maternity shoot (a post to come on that later).  The shower was held at Ryan's grandfather's condo complex.  The complex has a club house room that is the perfect setup for parties.

But before I show pictures from the shower you have to check out these handmade shower invitations that were lovingly made by my in-laws.
How sweet are these??

I can not believe they hand stitched all this!

They hand screened everything you see here.  (I blotted out the address.)  I love this so much that I'm saving it in Maggie's memory box.

All the pink letters and linens were hand dyed/painted, screen printed and cut by my mother-in-law!  It was absolutely gorgeous.

This was so cute I could have died!  The little doll crib held the softest bunny ever, footed pajamas, swaddle blankets, Mary Jane baby socks and diapers.

The food was delicious!

Of course I brought my finger print tree!  Sally's demonstrating how it's done.

After I bring the finger print tree to all my showers we are going to have it framed so we can hang it in the nursery.  There was also advice cards so people could leave us some sweet thoughts.

Susan made this homemade lemonade as favors to take home.

Such a good idea and so adorable!  I love the bottles they are in.


Evan, Sean & Ryan
Brothers from another mother. :)
They were there before and after the shower and went out to eat when the shower started.

Jenny & I
Jenny is Ryan's cousin and she's due a little less then three weeks after me with a baby boy!

Adrienne is another one of Ryan's cousins, and she had her baby boy, Brody, at the end of August.

He is just the cutest thing!

I love the look that Ryan & Brody are exchanging here.  They both look terrified. Ha!  Ryan needs the practice though!

Me & Sally (future Aunt)
I was trying to get a picture with all the hosts but we were all running around.  So I managed to get a pic with each one separately.

Emily (future Aunt) & I

Me & Susan (future Grandma!)

Everything about the shower was perfect and I loved catching up with the family.  We don't get together near enough.  I wish I had more pictures of the people there.  If I can snag some from other people I'll post more.


  1. Love your dress, you look so pretty. They did a fantastic job with all the details of your shower and the!! Definitely something to keep!

  2. I am so happy for you right now Lindsey! I can't wait to see you as a mom

  3. What an AWESOME shower, and to the in-laws: great job!!!!

  4. How sweet! Love the idea of a fingerprint tree AND the advice cards. And you're lucky to have such thoughtful and caring in-laws... how wonderful! :)


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