Friday, January 4, 2013

3D Ultrasound

I'm so excited to share our 3D/4D ultrasound pictures of Maggie!  (I'm not sure what the difference is between 3D or 4D if there is any.)  Our appointment was scheduled back on December 22nd when I was 28 weeks along.  Both of our mom's were able to come with us to be able to see Maggie in person too.  It was so amazing to see her features!  I TOTALLY think she looks like her daddy, especially the nice full lips.  :)  But the little stinker kept putting her hands in front of her face the majority of the time, and she slept through the whole thing.  That little girl wouldn't wake up for anything. Ha!  So it was hard to get the best pictures but we still got some pretty cute ones.

Maggie really liked to sleep with her hands and arms by her face.  (3D pictures can be a little freaky too because the images can be distorted or slicey.)

This is how I look when I sleep.  Look at those chubby little cheeks!

Here she's giving us her pouty face and sticking out those beautiful (daddy look-a-like) lips.

I just thought this one was sweet with her little hand by her face.

Here's a shot of one her long legs and feet.

Since Maggie tried to hide the majority of the 30 minute session they asked us to come back the next week for a free 15 minute session.  So of course we went back but this time she had her hands/arms AND her legs/feet in front of her face!  We did get this cute picture with her legs crossed though.

And this one of her ear.

Since I never got a profile picture at my 19 weeks sonogram they lady took this one for me.  I can't wait to see you in person Maggie!  It will definitely be interesting to see how similar she looks to these photos.  They also video taped the entire 30 minute session but I didn't post it on here.  If anyone is interested in seeing it let me know and I can send you the online link.  You probably don't want to watch the whole thing though!  The place where we had it done also gave us a stuffed bear that when you squeeze it you can hear Maggie's heartbeat. Ha!

The other thing I learned was that she's currently in the breach position.  I know it's still early and she has plenty of time to move but this concerns me a little because she really doesn't move around that much.  I've never felt her make a full body move, just little kicks and punches, and they are always in the same spot.  If I hit 32 weeks and she's still breach I'm going to start trying a bunch of techniques to get her to flip.  I'll keep you posted!  I think she's just really comfortable with where she's at.


  1. 3D sonos are amazing! I used to think they were weird and freaky, but my how things really do change when it's your baby! : ) Maggie looks adorable! Our baby was also breach at our 20 week, I'm not sure when our next sono is, but I'm hoping s/he's changed position! Congrats to your sister-in-law too! Great motivation to get back in shape!

  2. Okay breach lady's some good OLD experience talking. My daughter's baby was breach right before due date. She does home births and the midwife gave her some clues to turning the baby. First you lay on a bench or something flat but elevated with your feet substantially above your feet. Buy a cheap pair of headphones if you don't have some and put them near the "exit area" for the baby - she will naturally turn toward the music - make it something gentle and pleasant obviously. At the same time put a bag of frozen peas or corn or whatever at the top of your uterus - she will also naturally turn away from the cold. Stay that way for about 20 minutes. That being said - you DO NOT need to worry or hassle any of this so far from due date. Even when she was so near term, the baby turned back to breach one more time after she'd gone the right direction. Mom flipped upside down again that night and from that point on baby stayed where she was supposed to. I think midwives are amazing because they know SO MUCH and are willing to share it with anyone - those who pay them and those who don't - because they tremendously want successful births with the least amount of intervention possible for everyone. If your baby is still breach shortly before birth, try this for a few days. All I know is it worked beautifully. Good Luck!

  3. whoops - should've looked more carefully - feet elevated above your head. Sorry

  4. Soooo cute! She looks so sweet in those shots!
    AB was breach until 34 weeks and then she flipped and then did it a few more times but by my 38 week ultrasound she is all ready to go for delivery. She hardly moved either but I think at night when I was sound asleep is when she turned herself around. I know it can be nerve wrecking right now but she has plenty of time to turn around and get birth ready.

  5. Aww Adorable! We just found out we are having a girl!

  6. It's so amazing how technology has advanced - you can see so much incredible detail! Dan really wanted a 3D ultrasound but we've put it off so long that by the time we ever book it, our little guy will probably be here in 3D anyway :)

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