Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bump Watch :: 33 Weeks

33 Weeks photo 33Weeks_zps0b65347e.jpg

How far along: 33 weeks

Size of Baby: 17 in & 4.25 lb

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Pineapple

Total weight gain: 23 pounds (same as last week, which means I will gain 2 pounds next week. ha!)

Sleep: You guys... I really need some advice on this!  It was better but now it's probably the worst it's been.  For some reason my back decided to start killing me in the middle of the night.  I just can't get comfortable.  (I've also been forgetting to drink my peppermint tea!)  I have to prop myself up on pillows for the heartburn but still sleep on my side b/c I can't sleep on my back.  But then sleeping on my side at an angle kinks my back in a weird position.  I just can't win.  Let's just say I'm definitely prepared to stay up all night with a newborn now!

Movement: Maggie's actually been moving quite a bit this week.  I even think I finally felt her hiccup for the first time!  This past weekend we were visiting Ryan's family and all of us were down stairs in the basement playing either ping pong or pool.  Well, Ryan's brother-in-law, Sean, dropped one of the pool balls on the table and it made this really loud cracking sound, and Maggie jumped so hard in my stomach!  Poor thing, it was the first time that I could feel her get startled from a lound sudden noise.  It totally cracked me up though to feel that!

Unglamorous body changes: Back pain & heartburn both at night - Usually feel pretty good throughout the day

What I miss: Sleeping!

Milestones: She's keeping her eyes open while awake.  She's also starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing.  Her bones are hardening.  And she going through (more) major brain development -- that's one smart baby! (

Best moment this week: There were lots of fun things!  Maggie's rocker was finally delivered and we LOVE it!  (Pictures to come soon.)  We also had some of our new bedroom furniture deliveried too.  They messed up one of the side tables and the headboard isn't coming until mid March.  So I'll post pictures of it when everything is in.  We decided if we were ever going to get our own bedroom furniture we better do it before Maggie got here or it would never happen.  We had Friday off so Ryan & I were able to get a lot of things done that day including taking KC (our cat) in for a follow up on his leg.  We are now starting to let him walk around outside his cage while we are home.  So nerve wrecking though!  He goes back in another month for a follow up x-ray & that will determine if he needs more surgery.  We also traveled to Ryan's home town to celebrate Emily, Harlan and Papa's birthdays AND delivered the bedroom furniture we were borrowing.  It was a crazy weekend but oh so much fun!  It's probably the last time we will be there without Maggie!!!

Looking forward to: Not too much going on this week which is something to look forward to for me. Ha!  Our good friends, Nate & Janet's, son Jaxon is turning one and we are going to his birthday party on Sunday, but other then that nothing else is really planned.  So I'm hoping we are able to tackle a few more nursery projects this weekend!

I did want to show you all what we picked out for Maggie's "going home" outfit from the hospital.  :)  I think it's so cute!!  It will fit a newborn and the sleeves can roll over her hands so that she won't scratch herself but then will roll back out so she has more room to grow in it.
Sorry this is blurry. I snapped this picture really quick with my camera phone.

A little closer up.  We got it off Etsy (where else) at this shop here.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Oklahoma Baby Shower

Ryan & I have been so blessed with wonderful friends & family offering to host baby showers for us.  I know it's sort of unusual to have so many.  But since we both have large families that live in town & just moved from Kansas City to Bartlesville, OK we've ended up having several showers.  We have the best friends  and family anyone could ever ask for!  Thank you guys!!

Two weeks ago my good friends, Janet & Sara, hosted a small baby shower for friends in Bartlesville.  That way they didn't have to travel to the one in Kansas City.  The shower was held at Janet's beautiful home that's actually just down the street from our house!
I LOVED these invitations.  Sara found the design off Etsy.

How cute is this setup??

The girls made everything homemade including the strawberry lemonade.  Everything was to die for.

Sara also made this sweet diaper wreath for the front door.  I've never seen one of these before!  This girl is talented.  :)

Sara also found this idea on Pinterest to have all the guests make head bands for Maggie!  She found the kit on Etsy.  I had never heard of this before either!! I LOVED this and can't wait to put them on Maggie's sweet little head knowing my friends made them for her.

Katie, Stacey, Megan & Lauren (the back of her)
Of course the finger print tree came to this shower as well!

Sara, Megan, Katie, Lauren, Jill (the back of her), Janet & Stacey

I love getting girly baby clothes!  Sara found this sweet thing off Etsy as well. (Don't you just love Etsy?!)

A gift from my good friend, Emily, (shout out!) who now lives in Texas & couldn't make it to the shower.

Janet, Me & Sara
The amazing hostesses!!  Thank you guys so much for the gorgeous shower.  It was absolutely perfect!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bump Watch :: 32 Weeks

8 Months Along!!!

32 Weeks photo 32Weeks_zps9bd085e7.jpg
(Looking pretty tired after a full day of work.)

How far along: 32 weeks

Size of Baby: 16.7 in & 3.75 lb

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Large Jicama

Total weight gain: 23 pounds

Sleep: This is better then it was but definitely still toss & turn at night.  The heartburn is still better which means I sleep better.  The main complaint here is just getting sore hips if I stay in one position too long.

Movement: She definitely makes her presence known.  :)  I still wouldn't say she's probably the most active baby compared to what I've heard others talk about.  And it's still never really hurts when she kicks or punches.  I also read that at 32 weeks is their peak in movement because after that they just get really squished & can't move around as easily.  

Unglamorous body changes: I gave in and ordered two more pairs of work maternity pants that are full belly panels.  I figured it would be worth it to not be uncomfortable at work for the next two months.  I've definitely been noticing more swelling lately in my feet and ankles.  Some days are better then others.

What I miss: Sleeping through the night and having more energy

Milestones: She's getting ready for her descent -- she's likely in the head-down position now.  And she's probably feeling a even more cramped.  (

Best moment this week: Finding out she's head down in our follow up 3D ultrasound!!  We went back again this past weekend for a follow up ultrasound since her feet & hands were blocking her face last time.  When the lady put the probe on my stomach & told me she was head down I about peed my pants with excitement!  Hopefully she stays that way now.  :)  Maggie was also awake and making the cutest faces ever.  I posted some of the pictures below.  Ryan & I also had a nice relaxing weekend which has been the first one in a can't remember.  He did make me go on several long walks.  I know I need to do more of that plus the weather was so gorgeous.  
Side note: I also moved offices/buildings at work and am now in my husband's building (different floors).  This is the first time we've ever worked in the same building since I started working for the same company as him 6 years ago!

Looking forward to: Traveling to Ryan's home town this weekend to see family and celebrate a bunch of birthdays coming up.  Ryan's dad, sister and grandpa all have birthdays within pretty much a week of each other.  Our rocker is finally being delivered this week after ordering it back in November.  Geez!  That was the last major piece we were waiting on.  Ryan's parents gave us an antique dresser that we are debating about painting. If we decide to give it a fresh coat of paint that will happen this week too.  I'm so ready for this nursery to be done!

P.S. That baby ticker in the right hand column is getting freaking close to the end.  Whaaa?!

Her eyes are open here.

She's getting so chubby!  Look at those little cheeks.  I can't wait to squeeze them.

Here she is sucking on her bottom lip.  And check out that double chin!

She kept trying to suck on her hand or the back of her arm.  Hopefully that means she will take a pacifier.  I definitely didn't when I was a baby.

Here she is sticking out her tongue.  She kept opening her mouth, and I'm pretty sure we saw her yawn too.  I just can't wait to see this little girl in person.  Counting down the days!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Maternity Photos

It took me forever to go through all the amazing maternity pictures to pick a few to show.  I probably went over board with how many I'm posting.  If anyone lives in the Kansas City area and are looking for a fabulous photographer, you need to check out Christina Maroon Photography!  I knew Christina from college so it was fun to reconnect and see first hand how talented she is.

I'm just going to post all the pictures in a row without talking about each one.  They were all taken in Kansas City at Loose Park.

I am so happy with them!  I was a little worried how they were going to turn out because it was freezing that day, and I was feeling really swollen on top of that.  I told Christina to watch out for my double chin.  Ha!  I'm so glad we decided to have a maternity shoot because we will cherish these forever.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Nursery Sneak Peek

**The lighting is really off in all these pictures. Boo!**

We are getting so close!  Less then two freaking months away now and so much to still do!  I'm finally to a point where I can even feel like I can even show a little peek at the nursery.  I can't believe how long this is taking us to get done.  I think it's a combination of being too busy, not making up our minds and our ideas taking longer to make.  I always thought the nursery would just come together but it's been so much harder then I thought!

I forgot to take true before pictures.  We gave away the old white wicker furniture that used to reside in this room before I snapped these pictures.  There's a blow up mattress in these pictures because we had just had guests stay with us, and we had already gotten rid of the bed in there.

This used to be a cute little boy's nursery when we bought the house.

We decided to go with a grey and pink themed nursery with touches of yellow.  I actually had to pull the hubby back from going overboard with the pink. Ha!  The decision was ultimately made to paint the walls a light grey.  You would be surprised how hard it is to pick the perfect grey color!  Ryan actually had to paint it twice because the first color of grey had way too much blue in it.  (Ryan wouldn't let me anywhere near the room while he was painting because of the fumes.  This was even after I told him it was perfectly safe!)  Then we decided that the trim needed to be a brighter white so that all got painted as well.  All that to say, it took awhile to finally get the right color and finishing painting everything.

Then we wanted to do something fun under the already existing chair rail.  At first I was thinking a beadboard would be nice but Ryan wanted to do something a little different.  I've always loved the look of the picture frame moldings and when I described it to Ryan he was fully on board.  

Little did I know how much work that was going to be.  It took forever because there were so many details to think about!  Ryan first taped off the walls so that he could make sure the sizing and number of boxes looked right on each wall.

Then he had to borrow a miter saw and nail gun from a friend.  He watched some tutorials online and then went to work.  I was really regretting our decision to make these at about this point.  It was taking so long and I just wanted to get the nursery done!  Ryan had to measure and cut so many pieces of wood, and he had to go to two different Lowe's to get all the material.  After pre-painting & gluing them together, I helped him nail them to the wall.  We even had to take some down because we didn't space them out correctly.  Talk about nightmare!  Then he had to fill in the nail holes, calk the seams, sand and retouch up the paint.

And now they are FINALLY done!

Even after everything it took to create these, I do think they were worth it and totally make the room.  But maybe next time it would be worth hiring someone else to do it.  ;)  Though, I think Ryan was really proud to have made something for his daughter's room.  He's so cute!

Now for the main attraction.  Our crib!
After much debate we decided on a modern, clean lined crib.  I love it!  This room will actually have a mix of modern, tradition and a little bit of vintage.  We'll see if it all comes together in the end.  As you can tell we still need to hang something above the crib.

It also seemed like it took me forever to decide on what bedding to get.  Ryan's mom generously bought us the bedding for Christmas and my mom helped to pay for the mattress.  We are too blessed.  I decided that something simple and graphic would be perfect.  After talking it over with the hubs we decided against a bumper because you can't have one anyways while the baby is little.  Plus we thought it would seem cleaner looking with the modern crib. (The dolls and pillow will be removed before Maggie comes.  They are just for looks right now.)
- Crib from here (Looks like they are sold out there.  Here's the company's website.)
- Bedding from here
- Mattress from here
- Owl (gift) from here
- Cloud Pillow from here
- Bunny (gift) from Halls (department store in Kansas City)

We did get our book shelf, dresser and side table in but they just aren't pictured here yet.  Our rocker is finally getting here next week (after ordering it in November!).  

Here's a list of what we still have to do:
  • New light fixture(s)
  • Make curtains for the window
  • Find a rug
  • Hang art on the walls

It's so nice to finally see progress in this room.  I've been really getting anxious lately to get this room completed.  Then I will feel like all that's left is to get this baby here.  I promise to post pictures of the final product as soon as it's done.