Friday, December 27, 2013

Just-Add-Sugar Blog

If you are still able to find my blog you may have noticed that the link is no longer  Unfortunately (me being naive), I let my domain link expire and another company ended up purchasing my domain name.  I will be coming up with another blog name and link in the near future.  I guess it's a new beginning on the blog as well as a new beginning in our lives in England.  Hope my (now) two followers join us in our little adventure across the pond!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

I still don't have all my Christmas cards sent out yet, but I wanted to go ahead and get a post up about them.  
I  L O V E them so much!
I've been looking forward to our first Christmas card as a family of three for years now.  It's still hard for me to believe I'm finally a mom (even 8 months later).



This year Tiny Prints had some pretty rockin' new holiday card designs.  It took me forever to finally decide on one.  I probably put 15 designs in my favorite section.  It finally came down to which card looked best with the photo I wanted to use.  I am so happy with how they turned out.  This was the design I chose.  
The folks over at Tiny Prints were nice enough to gift me with some free cards, but I would have still ordered from them regardless.  They are the best!

To see my previous card designs click here.

Friday, December 6, 2013

6 & 7 Month Favorites

Here's another break down of Maggie & I's favorite things from the past few months.  I did not list my iPhone or the remote control but those also top the list of favorites for Maggie.  Ha!

6 & 7 Month Favorites

1. Cute Zoo Bib Feeding Tuck-away - I love these bibs!  We have the cat & owl animals.  It's so easy to rinse them off and use them several times in a row.  No more washing a ton of cloth bibs for this girl.  They are also great to throw in your diaper bag because they collapse into a tiny pouch!  Plus, they are so cute!

2. Sophie the Giraffe & Friends - I think this is probably a staple in most mommy homes.  We are no different over here.  I love that they are all natural (and cute), and Maggie loves to play with them.  Her favorite is the one with the pink ears and large head (Chan Pie Gnon).  She loves to squeeze it and chew on it's ears.  It's super soft and makes a lot of noise (which she loves and me not so much).

3. Duktig 14-piece Vegetables Set - This was a gift from my SIL, Emily, when Maggie was born.  This is easily Mag's favorite toy to play with.  She loves stuffing the veggies in her mouth and throwing them around.  They are easy for her to grip and she loves the feel of them.  She even plays with the basket.  This is my go to when she starts to get a little fussy.

4. eWonderWorld Rainbow (6 Colors) foam Mat - I knew when I was pregnant that I would need to find a good foam mat for my baby to play on since most of our house is hardwood floors.  I did a little research and found this one had great reviews.  I liked some of the other mats with little animals or letters on them, but read that a lot of them had a strong rubber smell or were not that thick.  This one had absolutely no smell at all and the thickness is perfect.  Maggie has taken a few tumbles and I'm never worried that she will hurt herself on it.  This is definitely a must if you have hardwoods or even carpet!

5. Lifefactory 2 Pack Multi Sensory Silicone Teether - I felt like a lot of blogs and friends have recommended these so I registered for them when I was pregnant.  I'm definitely glad I did because Maggie loves to chew on these and mold them around in her hands.  This is definitely an item that I always keep in my diaper bag.

6. Innobaby EZ Grip Massaging Teether - This was an item that was delivered to me in my Citrus Box.  It quickly became one of Mag's favorites.  She loves the little rattle noise and flexibility of the toy.  I think it feels pretty good on her gums.  I usually latch it on to some plastic links and attached it to her highchair cover when we are out eating places.  She will just go to town on this!

7. The Jesus Storybook Bible - This was gifted to us by our church back in Kansas City when Maggie was baptized.  We LOVE it!  I've already read the whole thing to her.  It's a great depiction of the bible for children.  I know Maggie doesn't know what it means yet, but I love that I can still read to her all about Jesus.  Plus, she loves all the colorful pages.  I can't wait for her to truly understand how much Jesus loves her!

Did you notice a theme? Half the list were teething toys.  Yep, we are definitely in the "chewing on anything we can get our hands on" stage!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First Thanksgiving

I feel beyond blessed this Thanksgiving to have this little girl and be surrounded by loving family.  I can't even count up all the things I am so thankful for this year.  But I think we all know the #1 thing I am thankful for. ;)

Leading up to the big turkey day we had family visit us and love on our little girl.

Nana & Maggie

I had to throw in this photo because I just die every time I look at it.  Oh the cuteness!

This year we traveled to Kansas City to have Thanksgiving at Ryan's little sister's house and her new husband, Evan.
Ryan's cousin, Evan, and his wife, Joanie, stopped by to say hello.  They were in town from San Francisco, and they have a little one on the way due either May or June (can't remember!).  This was their first time meeting Mags.  Don't they look like they will be great parents?

These are just a couple of pics from dinner.  Maggie was definitely hamming it up.  I just can't over her sweet little expressions!

The gang minus Ryan's sister, Emily, and her husband, Sean.  :(  They were definitely missed!  This year Ryan's Uncle Galen, Aunt Evelyn, Cousin Adrienne and her little boy Brody came.  It was definitely a fun gang to share this holiday with.  We are trying to soak up every last bit of family these days.

Some of the wonderful dessert spread.  Sally's husband, Evan, made all the pies, and they were soooo delicious.

I mean look at this guy's talent!  It tasted even better than it looks which is hard to surpass!

I leave you with a sweet picture of Ryan introducing Maggie to her very first Christmas tree.

Monday, December 2, 2013

8 Months Old

(Sorry for radio silence.  It's been pretty hectic around these parts!)

 photo a5ab7a21-1ecf-4f68-b30e-52632edded47_zpsc2cd1c6c.jpg
(I am having to turn her at an angle now as she doesn't really fit on the rug anymore!)
I forgot to mention in the photo above that she is finally down to two naps a day!  She started to go that way around daylight savings time but than that threw her off.  Shortly before she turned 8 months though, she did officially transition to two naps.  :)

My (not so) little girl is growing up so fast!  This past month has been another favorite.  It was jammed packed with family, friends and new experiences.  Maggie experienced her first Halloween, celebrated her daddy's 31st birthday, traveled to Kansas City & Ryan's home town, and officially started to prepare for our move to England!

She is also rapidly turning into a daddy's girl.  If he's home, he is the only person she wants.  If anyone else (including me) tries to hold her, she starts to fuss.  She loves him so much.  It truly fills my heart to the brim to watch these two together.  He loves to be the one to get her in the mornings and also the one to put her to sleep.  I have a feeling that these two are going to be trouble makers together when she gets older.  Ha!

This last month felt like a big one to me with a lot of milestones reached.  She is really starting to perfect her crawling, slow but getting there.  She's learned to pull up and sit up all on her own.  Now all she wants to do is stand and "walk" with our help.  It really feels like she is learning something and growing stronger every single day.  I am constantly amazed.  It seems like out of the blue she learned to clap and it's quickly become her favorite thing to do.  Her personality is also rapidly developing, and I am loving it!  She is just the sweetest thing (when she's not fussing). Ha!

It's getting harder each month to get pictures of her.  She is one busy girl!

Not having it!

Love her little expressions.

Just a few pics from this last month.

Checking out my cousin, Josh's, beard.  It's so funny how she stares at people she doesn't know.

Love this one of her and her Great Grandma.

Playing with her bff, Greta.

Hanging out at the "crib".

Having a stare off with another future bff, Claire.

She may have been born in Oklahoma but her roots will always be in Kansas!

Lovin' on her Great Grandpa.

This is how she rolls these days.  Just stick what you want to take with you in your mouth and go!

Here are a couple of cute videos from this last month.

Monday, November 11, 2013

We are moving... again!

(If you are keeping track, this is our 6th move in seven and a half years... and yes we are crazy.)

We are moving to England!!  I can't believe I am typing out those words right now.  It has been such a whirlwind leading up to this, that it is hard to comprehend that this is actually happening... and soon!  I know you guys are wanting the details, so here it goes!

Ryan was offered an incredible opportunity in the UK with his current employer.  So we are moving to Warwick, Warwickshire in England which is about an hour and a half north of London.  The plan is to move out there at the beginning of January so that gives us time to get through the holidays and secure our visas/passports (yes, Maggie gets one too!).  I don't know the actually date we will be flying out yet but as soon as the visas arrive we are booking the flights.  

What is so great about this opportunity is that it's only for 18 months!  I feel like that is a prefect amount of time to experience England, travel, soak in the culture and not get too home sick.  It was a hard decision as we didn't want to take Maggie away from family.  But at the same time this is probably the perfect time to go before she is in school.  I am also so thankful for technology and the ability to factime!  

There is so much to get done between now and then.  Throw in the holidays and we will be there in a blink of an eye.  I am really trying to enjoy this whole experience and not let the stress overtake me.  Knowing that we have such a short amount of time over there it's just not worth letting the stress ruin the fun.  :)  This is a once in a life time opportunity, and we plan to live it up & travel to as many places as possible!

Anybody that wants to come visit us, are more the welcome!  But you better hurry as we won't be there for long.  ;)

Sorry this pictures are so blurry.  I can not get this girl to sit still these days!

We will be keeping you updated on all the fun times ahead of us!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Halloween!

I have been looking forward to Maggie's first Halloween since I was pregnant!  I'm the nerd that has been thinking about what she was going to dress up as for months.  Originally I thought it would be so cute to dress her up as a cupcake but I couldn't find any that I liked or that weren't $90 plus.  Since I am not crafty enough to make my own costume, I decided to scrap the cupcake idea.  That's when I ran across the most adorable fuzzy, pink, lady bug costume!

When people asked what she was going to be, it was hard to explain so I just said she was going to be a love bug!

Since buying this I saw that this "fuzzy" costume also comes in a pig or a sheep.  I purchased our costume here.

Just a few more pics from all our Halloween fun this past month.
Maggie's first Halloween party.

Friends & neighbors Janet, Nathan & their little boy, Jaxon
Our neighborhood had a little get together before the trick-or-treating started.  We are lucky enough to have several friends that all live in our neighborhood. 

Trying to see out from her massive head piece.  Ha!

Halloween outfits are the cutest!  Here are a few of Maggie's that I had to share.  :)

Yes... even PJ's!

 As you can tell, I had so much fun this year!  I can hardly wait for next year when she will be toddling around in some cute costume!!