Monday, December 10, 2012

Update on KC

Some of you have been asking how KC is doing.  This is where I first posted about KC's accident here

KC sleeping with his mouth open.

He had surgery about 8 weeks ago to insert a pin into his leg and to create fake ligaments with sutures to try and reconstruct this right hind leg. The surgeon initially thought we would have the next surgery to remove the pin at 6 weeks.  

KC snuggling with me by my side.

However, when we brought him back in the doctor thought he needed a few more weeks to heal. So now we are at 8 weeks and KC's having his pin removed today. 

Isn't he just the cutest??

I'm really nervous about it because this will let us know if his joint healed enough that he will be able to bend his leg again. If the joint doesn't hold, then the doctor will have to fuse his leg and he will never be able to move it again. :( 

KC & Yogi - Brotherly love (You may have already seen these pictures if you follow me on Instagram.)

I'm praying that his leg healed as best it could and that he will be able to have movement again. 

They are constantly loving on each other.  It's the sweetest thing to see.

I know we are crazy about our cats but they really are the most loving, amazing cats I know. They are our first babies! I just really want KC to be able to have a some what normal rest of his life where he can run and jump again. 

KC always has to be touching me or Ryan when he lays next to us.

Please keep your fingers crossed for this little guy!!


  1. So sweet! I'll be praying you guys get good news today

  2. Hi Lindsey! New follower here and fellow midwesterner. Although you're a wildcat (we're jayhawks!), i'll still follow. :) Had to say that I hope KC gets all better soon! Keep us updated!


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