Monday, December 7, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Master Bedroom

Welcome to Ryan & I's master bedroom! It needs some help so I would love your suggestions! I'm feeling a little stumped about what to put above our bed. I have lots of picture frames but don't want to hang any of them until I can figure out what to put above our bed.

This is what you would see right when you walk into our room. We need something for that corner since we don't have another end table there. I'm still figuring that one out.
This is a closer look at the king size bed and side table. They used to be Ryan's grandfather's bedroom set, and he got them from Bassett. I feel like our bedding is blah and it's very heavy. Eventually, it will be changed out for something lighter weight and color wise.

The view of the matching armoire, full length mirror from Bombay (before they went out of business) and the chase lounge.
I love the big windows. It really lights up the room and makes our smaller bedroom seem bigger. That's one of Yogi's favorite spots, sitting on the chase looking out the window. These are the double doors leading to the master bathroom. We got the sign above the door in Fredericksburg, TX over our anniversary. It says, "No Matter What, No Matter Where, It's Always Home If Love Is There!". I think is sums up our life over the past few years. :) Our closet is through the master bathroom, and this is what you see when you enter.
The view to the right. It's hard to take a full length picture when you are in a small space!
To the left. We had just emptied out about half our closet so that our clothes weren't jammed in there. They are a lot less wrinkled now. It's a nice size closet for one person but for two it's pushing it. :) I love built in shelves. They really come in handy.
We really need to get some shoe racks so we can move around in there!
That about it folks! Hope you enjoyed your visit. Come back soon.
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  1. What a gorgeous room!! You have great style and I love your drapes! You are gorgeous!!!

  2. The pillows that go with the bedding are pretty too. I love the huge mirror. Great room.

  3. I love the room! Your closet is so organized, mine looks like a tornado hit it compared to yours! Ha!

  4. Pretty nice furniture for a hand me down from grandpa! :).

  5. Your room feels very warm and cozy!

    By the way, we're building a house in Kansas right now! (Originally from AR and CA)

    What part of Kansas were you from?


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