Monday, December 7, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Living Room

One of the blogs I follow, Kelly's Korner, has started doing something called Show Us Where You Live Fridays. Kelly picks a room in the house to take pictures of and display for everyone to see. Then you can link up to her blog so that others can see and you can view others too. I've been getting some really good ideas! Go check them out here.
I missed last Friday's "Show Us Your Kitchen" so I will have to post that one later. So here it goes, our living room. I guess everyone can say their house is a work in progress but ours really is a work in progress. Since I am detailed oriented I am going to show you a picture and then tell you what are plans are. Does that sound good? OK!
The view from the front hallway. Our living room is not all that big so we have to work with what we got. We are currently hunting for a relatively large cloth ottoman to kick our legs up on and maybe throw a tray on it.
This is our humongous entertainment center that is slightly too big for this room, but we bought it at our last house so we are working with it. I originally liked it because it is two toned and could work with a lot of decors. My eventual plan is to move it to an entertainment room and get something smaller. Plus, I'm still not completely satisfied with what I have on the shelves, and I want to put something above the entertainment unit and maybe on the sides too.
Our fireplace is definitely a work in progress. I'm not very good at picking out little decorative things to put on mantels. I need help! I am more the plain and simple kind of girl but I am trying to get over that. We bought this painting at a starving artist sale here in Houston and I think I will eventually move it somewhere else. But it's here for now. This is the view from the back hallway. I really liked this couch when we first bought it back in Oklahoma from IO Metro. Now, I realize that it's not all that comfortable and Ryan & I can't really fit on it together. So we plan on replacing it with a bigger, comfier leather sofa. Maybe in a lighter shade of brown too. Leather is just so easy to keep clean with two cats! We also plan on getting a really comfortable side chair where that parsons chair is now. It was just a temporary measure until we got the big chair. We have two of those parsons chairs from Ryan's mom and we are going to recover them at some point and hopefully use them as accent chairs.
The view from the eat in kitchen. I also plan on replacing the side table with a round wooden one or one of those round cloth tables with the glass top over it. It's a little too modern and I HATE having to keep three panes of glass clean.
This is the view from the second floor. Some how we sort of went in a modern direction and I want to go more traditional. See I told you it was a work in progress! I would LOVE your comments/suggestions. I truly need them. Give me ideas because I am horrible at making decisions as you can tell I have bought all the wrong furniture and am now replacing it. I promise you won't hurt my feelings. :)
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  1. I love the clean lines and color combos - that occasional chair is fabulous!

  2. I love that entertainment center. Is your house a D.R. Horton? Mine is and it looks like they have some of the same finishes.

  3. Love the arches! Your furniture is also beautiful.


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