Monday, December 7, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Laundry Room

OK, actually it's really Show Us Where You Live Friday - Playrooms, Bonus rooms, and Laundry rooms on Kelly's Korner. Seeing that we really don't have a bonus room and definitely not a playroom, the laundry room has it this week!

I actually really like my laundry room. It is a very decent size and has lots of shelves. Though, it still needs some pazaze. Someday we will probably paint it a warmer shade of color and get some baskets for the shelves so it looks less cluttered.

This is the view from the little hallway outside of the laundry room.
As you walk in, immediately to the right is a large space that we will at some point probably put a second refrigerator here. For now it's a great space for our drying rack and our vacuum cleaner (not pictured). I have clothes laying on top of the rack ready to be ironed and clothes in the basket on the floor ready to go to the dry cleaners. Just keepin' it real here folks. This area contains the kitty litter box. I love that it is out of the way, and there is a vent in the laundry room so if the cat's decide to stink it up before guests come over it sucks the smell out.
Our shelves and washer & dryer
A closer look at our shelves. As I said earlier, I would like to get fun, colorful baskets to hide some of the smaller items.
The final view from the garage door.
Please leave your comments and/or suggestions for this room. I am always open to new ideas. I haven't really thought too much about this room yet, but if you have any creative ideas for this space let me know!

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  1. I need your laundry room!!! Most houses don't come with this large of one but it will be a necessity when we purchase our next house. :)


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