Monday, December 7, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Dining Room

On this Friday I am showing you our Dining Room. Our dining room set was the first piece of furniture we bought right when we moved into this house. We were on a time crunch because we were hosting Thanksgiving. We moved in on November 14th and were then off on a hunt for dining room furniture. I really liked a lot of sets but we couldn't wait for something to be ordered. It had to be in stock. We ended up finding this set at a local furniture store.
It worked out perfect for the space. My favorite thing about it is the wide table. I just love that look. I think eventually to spice things up we will get different chairs but these work for now. Another angle of the dining room. To the left there is a hutch that again Ryan's mom so graciously let us keep for awhile. She is in the process of redoing her home and needed space. So we willingly obliged to take some furniture off her hands. I know some day she will want it back but we are enjoying it for now. I think it's a nice contrast to the clean lines of the table & chairs. I think if I had to name a style that I'm going for, it would be eclectic. Is that a style?? I really need to get some linens for this table and more table runners. This is the only one I have, and of course a fabulous center piece. Does anyone have some suggestions or places to go to find an arrangement or something?
It's pretty bland right now. I plan on heating it up with some wall decor and maybe a little paint. Who knows, I may feel ambitious in the future.
Thanks for joining me on this week's tour of homes. As always I would love your comments and feedback.
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  1. I love this room. Especially...those window treatments. As far as floral arrangements...the Hobby Lobby here has some great pre-made ones that are usually half off.

  2. so crisp and clean. very nice.

  3. Love it !!!! Thanks for sharing ! Great window treatments !

  4. I like how clean and fresh it looks. I love the table and chairs.

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