Friday, December 21, 2012

Kitchen Update

I finally got around to taking pictures of the finished cabinets and floors in our kitchen.  It took forever to put the hardware on since the holes on the drawers needed to be adjusted.  But it's finally donzo!

We had the cabinets professionally painted with oil based paint since I was pregnant.  Ryan thought about doing it himself but he didn't want to drag it out so the fumes would be limited in the house.  We actually stayed at a friends house the whole week they were getting painted.  (Thanks Nate & Janet!)  Plus, it's really tricking to paint oak cabinets and still have a smooth finish.  The floors were finished awhile ago when they did the whole house.  Here was the after of our living room showing the new floors.  We just thought some nice rich floors would pop better then the light tiles and be softer on the feet while cooking in the kitchen.
Painted cabinets, new floors, new hardware and new stove!  The back of the old stove went right up under the microwave so we had to bend down to see it.  We also like the look of an integrated stove.

You can tell I have some Christmas decor out and can see all the wonderful Christmas cards we've been receiving all over the fridge.  We also got a new dishwasher because the old one didn't seem to clean our dishes very well, and we loved the one we had just bought in our old house in Kansas City.  Finally, we also purchased a new fridge as we left our old one in the house we sold.

Here are the best before and after shots I could find.  The main differences are the floors, cabinets and hardware.  I really love the hardware we picked out and think it pulls everything together.

I took these at night so it's not really showing true to life.  (Notice the difference in the stoves!)

View from the other side. (KC photobomb!)

I still would like to paint the walls a nice grey/blue and bring in a more colorful rug maybe?  That way it's not so tone on tone.  But I'm thinking it will have to be after the baby gets here at this point. :)  We still have plans to replace the light fixture in the eat in kitchen with something a little more substantial. 

This is just another view of the before to really show you what the old hardware looked like and to show you how the stove went right up under the microwave.

So that's been our progress in the kitchen.  Next up, I'll be posting some of our Christmas decor this year in the new house.


  1. It looks amazing! You guys are doing really well decorating your new house, I bet you are starting to get in nesting mode huh?

  2. You guys do an excellent job with all of your home makeovers! If/when we move, I need your eye to tell me how to do as good of a job as you!


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