Friday, December 7, 2012

Kara's Baby Shower

My best friend, Kara, is due with her first child January 1st!  She is having a baby girl named Greta Mae.  Kara is so creative and has decorated her nursery in bright fun, unexpected colors.  Kara, if you're reading this you need to post pictures on your blog!!  A few friends & I decided to throw Kara a baby shower in the nursery's color scheme and also include a wiener dog theme.  Matt & Kara love their wiener dog, Jager and have paraphernalia throughout their house and nursery.
Our friend, Megan, handmade the invitations!!  I about died over the cuteness!

I had my go to girl, Victoria, create the name banner, thank you cards and favor bags for the shower, and they turned out perfect!  I posted pictures of the favor bags on my instagram.

Melissa made most of the other decorations including the hanging polka dots and tablecloths.

The shower was held in our church's basement.  The church colors actually worked perfectly with the shower theme!

The tables were so cute.  Melissa and her mom made the fabric squares for the tables that actually duo as swaddle blankets for Kara!!

The cookie favors I made in the shape of bones and cupcakes that Kristen made that actually look like they came straight from a bakery!

Loads of food and goodies that the hostesses brought.

Before opening presents we played the Price is Right game.  Carly & I purchased smaller items from Kara's registry and then had everybody write down what they thought each item cost.  The winner was the closest to the overall price without going over.  :)  Melissa made homemade wiener dog magnets for the winner.  We also played Bingo while Kara opened up her presents.

We had people write down their address on the thank you card envelopes so it would be easier on Kara to send them out. 

How gorgeous is this homemade quilt that our very talented friend, Kristen, made??

I got Kara some of her cloth diapers (not pictured) and this adorable mouse wheely that the baby can ride on & walk with.  It's so cute that I actually registered for the bee version myself.  Check them out here.

Peggy & Megan (mother/daughter)
Megan handmade that crocheted wiener dog for Kara that's in her hands!

Kara & I - 10 weeks apart

Jessica, Melissa, Kara, Wendy, Megan & Me
Picture of all the hostesses with the mommy-to-be (minus Carly & Kristen!)


  1. What a great shower, and can I just say I LOVE the idea of having people fill out their own thank you card envelopes! Genius! Love seeing that belly of yours too. :)

  2. I love it (though I'm biased) but the balloons are maybe my favorite part!

  3. I LOVE the colors of her nursery!!! How were the hanging polka dots made?
    So many cute ideas, I can't wait to see what your showers look like =)

  4. What a beautiful party! I love the group photo...such pretty ladies! And, I happen to think Greta is the best name ever for a little girl (hehe, just ask my Cricket.) :)

  5. I asked Melissa how she made the dots. Here's her response:

    "Easy cheesey! I ordered a 2.5 inch hole punch from Amazon. I used cardstock, button thread, and a heavy-duty glue stick. I saw some really cute garlands with felt and ribbon on Pinterest too. I had to glue two dots back-to-back with the thread inside, but I'm sure there are other, quicker ways of doing it...maybe with small holes punched in the dot with the thread/ribbon tied to it?
    Ta da!"


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