Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas with Family

For our last Christmas as just husband & wife before we enter the world of parenthood we decided to host Christmas at our house.  Ryan's parents, siblings and my mom were all able to make it.  We tried to keep it pretty low key as my energy level seems to be dwindling lately.  Our moms came in town Friday in time for our 4D ultrasound the next morning.  I'll be posting those pictures soon!  Then we just had a pretty mellow weekend and grocery shopped for Christmas dinner.  Ryan's dad & little sister, Sally, came down on Sunday, and his older sister, Emily, & husband, Sean, came Monday morning.

Ryan & his mom, Susan

We celebrated early on Christmas Eve with a late lunch/early dinner.  Sean & Emily had to leave on Christmas morning to travel to Sean's family celebration.  Ryan made a fabulous beef brisket and everybody helped to make the sides (scalloped potatoes, corn casserole, green beans, oriental salad and bread).

Afterwards we opened up all our Christmas gifts.  We usually play secret santa and I had my mom this time around.  This year was a little different though.  Emily was in charge of it and had rigged it so that everybody had my as their secret santa so they could get gifts for Maggie.  Everybody was in on it, and I was completely shocked!  What a stinker! :)  I had no clue.

Can you tell how excited Susan was over the fur that Harlan got her?  It looks gorgeous on her!

Susan had the metal print from the newspaper company framed of the time he made front page for being on the Jay Leno show.

Sean opening up his gifts from his in-laws.

Harlan checking out his new pair of boots from his wife.

Emily about to open her gifts.

Sally looking ornery.

My mom displaying her gifts she got from my Godmother, Pat.

Sally thought it would be funny to regift Ryan with these glasses she took from him years ago.  They are creepy!

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our family even if I was less energetic then normal.  But we can't wait to celebrate next year with a our little miracle.  It's going to be so different.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I can't wait to see pictures for your next Christmas with little Maggie in your arms. =)

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