Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brain Dump

So I've gotten behind on my blogging again.  At least I've been keeping up with the weekly bump updates!  So instead of doing a ton of smaller posts I'm just going to dump them all into one post.

I know everybody's minds have switched off of Thanksgiving and moved on to Christmas, but I just wanted to do a tiny recap so that I can remember what we did this year.  This year my sister-in-law, Emily, and her husband, Sean, wanted to host Thanksgiving dinner at their place in Wichita, KS.  Sean has worked in the food industry forever (it also runs in his family) and Emily was raised by a pretty amazing cook so we knew dinner was going to be delicious!  Since we were coming from Oklahoma we didn't really bring anything besides some homemade pumpkin chex mix I made and of course we had to bring soda.
Ryan, Sally, Susan, Me, Papa, Harlan, Emily & Sean
After dinner it's become a tradition that we all go to a movie.  This year it was the new James Bond movie, Skyfall which did not disappoint!  We were actually in a dinner movie theater but we were all so stuffed from our own dinner that we just got drinks.  Sadly, this was the only picture I captured from our Thanksgiving festivities.  The next day we all went out shopping together and found some cute things to add to our wardrobe.  Then Ryan & I headed back to Oklahoma with my SIL, Sally, in tow.

Sally and her boyfriend, Evan, decided to come visit us in Oklahoma for the weekend.  Evan just met us there Friday night from Kansas City after we got back from Wichita.  It was so great to be able to spend some time with him since we no longer live in KC and aren't able to see these two very much.
We tried to make sure they got the full B'ville experience.  :)  They are just too cute!

Also, my good friend, Katie, and her husband, Jon, were in town from Dallas visiting family.  So they were able to stop by on Saturday so we could meet their sweet baby girl, Grace, who was born on September 29th.
I know it looks like I'm about to drop Grace but I swear that's how she likes to be held. Ha!

Proud mama and her baby girl.  Don't you just love Grace's outfit?!

Ryan, Me, Grace, Jon & Katie
It was so good to see them.  Gracie is such a sweet, sweet baby.  I think it had to have been a couple of years since we've seen these guys!!  We can not let it go that long again!

So after Thanksgiving in Wichita, Sally & Evan visiting for the weekend and seeing our friends Katie & Jon, I had to get ready to leave for California on Monday!  Whew!!  I was there for 4 days on a business trip and managed to sneak in some fun while I was there.  I flew into LA (Burbank) stayed one night there and then stayed the rest of the days in Avila Beach.  If you follow me on Instragram you've probably already seen a few pics from there. 
I wanted to show you the room I stayed in at Avila Beach.  It was like my own little apartment!  Here is the front room when you walk in the door.

Another view.

Nice sized bathroom.

And then my bedroom in the back that over looked the pool and ocean!

After a couple of days in meetings we were able to check out a few wineries in the area. 
Of course I couldn't partake in the tasting but I did enjoy the sights even though it was a bit wet.  Luckily all the rain that California has been seeing all but stayed away besides a little drizzle.

California is so gorgeous!

That about wraps up the last few weeks.  Once I got back from California I was on to planning my friend's baby shower for that Saturday.  Details from that to come shortly!


  1. Hah, that does look like an awkward way to hold the baby, but hey, if the baby likes it, you do it! :) The pictures from your work trip look awesome. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

  2. Hey dear! I have been loving the weekly bump updates! Thanks for the sweet comment. We are doing well! 2 weeks from today we'll be finding out if we are expecting a baby boy or girl! We are thrilled and I'm trying to enjoy all of the not-so-lovely parts of pregnancy. I can't wait to see your little's nursery and her her name!


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