Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Christmas Decor

I thought I'd better post our Christmas decor before it got too much past the actual holiday.  I pretty much did the same old same old but in a different house.  Next year I plan to take the time to be a little bit more creative and really use Pinterest!  Especially because it will be Maggie's first Christmas. :)  I may have to hold myself back.
The funny thing about our Christmas tree this year is this is actually our second one!  I have to tell you this story.  While I was traveling for work Ryan decided he would surprise me and go pick out the Christmas tree so that when I got home it would be ready to decorate.  Well, after I got home he kept saying that the tree was so dry and was constantly dropping needles already.  So I held off decorating it because Ryan wanted to return the tree to get a fresh one.  Then one night while I was sitting on the couch the whole dang tree fell over and into our hallway (thank goodness it didn't knock anything over!) and poured tree water all over our new hardwood floors!!  Come to find out, Ryan didn't realized that the tree trunk wasn't all the way down into the base of the holder!  So that was the end of that tree and we had quite a mess to clean up.  I almost gave up on live trees altogether this year after all of that happened.  So far so good on the second tree!

Next year our mantel will have to change a little bit because we'll be adding a new stocking.  I guess I will need new stocking holders as well.  :)

Ryan & I also finally hung up our mirror over the mantel.  Eventually I want to change out the candle sticks with some nice green topiaries.

Doesn't Yogi look like a little Christmas kitty in this picture?  He's definitely claimed that chair for himself.  Ryan loses that battle a lot. :)

I always try to dress up the outside doors in our house.

I just put little Christmas trinkets around our entertainment system.  As we get folded Christmas cards I stick them in around the shelves.  There have been a lot more cards added to this since I took this picture.

The entryway that is home to our nativity scene.

We've been adding to the nativity almost every year and this year I finally decided to just go ahead and complete it.  I love it so much!

We finally hung up the gorgeous mirror I got at Zgallarie awhile back, and I think it really makes the space complete.

Wider shot of the entryway.  Now I just have to figure out what to put on the table once all the Christmas decor is gone.

And finally our outdoor Christmas lights that I absolutely love!  Ryan hung these while I was out of town as another surprise to me.  I think he was really regretting the decision midway through.  But he did such a great job!  Next year I really want to hang wreaths over the outside light sconces.

If you want to check out what we did the last two years at our old house click here and here.


  1. I LOVE that mirror over the entryway table, it is so gorgeous!
    You did a great job decorating, like always. =)

  2. It looks so festive! We have the same nativity scene- my favorite!

  3. I love how the mirror in the entryway matches the rug in there. It looks really cute!

  4. LOVE it all!!! and especially the nativity!! Live tree's are so much work - glad you survived it though :) I am enjoying having my house back but am missing the glow of the nights at night!!!


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